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Supportive, caring, friendly and non-judgemental!

We are here to help you all of the way with your weight, providing you with support we believe you would find difficult to match elsewhere.

The Weight Loss Centre is a family run business in its 20th year. We are dedicated to helping you get the very best results from The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme.

With over 45 years of combined experience, we have become experts in helping people not just achieve a weight they are happy with, but also to maintain it. 

Because we have had our own weight problems in the past, we understand just how difficult it can be to lose weight, let alone to keep if off. Our non-judgemental approach is always appreciated! 

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Rachel Ricketts

I started my weight loss journey at the age of 12 and for 35 years and had tried all the diets known to man! I was just about to give up on ever  getting to an acceptable weight, when I came across the principles of The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme. I lost 3 and half stone in under 4 months. The phone didn’t stop ringing with my family, friends and acquaintances wanting to know how I had achieved such a weight loss.

Before I knew it, I was helping others lose weight and qualified as a weight loss consultant and diet and nutritional advisor. I have been researching every angle of weight loss and maintenance since then.

In my 20th year of helping people get to the weight that they want to be and then go on to maintain it, I never get tired of doing so because of the life-changing results I see every day.

Mike Ricketts

‘Since its inception, I have been involved in the Weight Loss Centre and have enlightened thousands of people of all the benefits that can be achieved with the Metabolic Weight Programme. Mostly people come to us out of desperation, because they are so unhappy with their weight and just don't know what to do next about it.  A major concern of theirs is that their health will worsen if they do not get their weight under control.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing those whom I have introduced to The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme go on to successfully complete the programme and be overjoyed with their results.

Daley Ricketts

‘My involvement with the Weight Loss Centre started when I lost 2 and a half stone with The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme.

Because of the many times I had seen the benefits of what others had achieved with the programme and how I had personally benefited from it, it became a mission of mine to help as many people as I could with the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme.

It was important to do something which was fulfilling for myself while helping others and at this point, I changed my career as a chef and qualified as a weight loss and management consultant.

I have successfully helped hundreds of clients to lose and maintain their weight and make healthier lifestyle changes.’

Hayley Bullock

I am a digital marketing expert with a passion for health, nutrition wellbeing. I love dancing and maintaining a healthy weight is key to this.

I was so impressed with the excellent reputation of The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme, that I approached the Weight Loss Centre to see if I could help promote them through social media. I was delighted to have been given the opportunity to do so!

I am so proud to be part of the Weight Loss Centre’s team and to be able to contribute to reach as many people as possible the outstanding successes of the programme.


Thank you! After years and years of gradually getting bigger and bigger with more and more self-hatred, I never thought it was possible to look or feel so good. I’ve lost 4 stone and it has all seemed so natural and easy. People I hardly know keep stopping to tell me how good I look. I can run up stairs, my knees no longer ache… I could go on and on… It’s fabulous to enjoy shopping and to be able to go into the same shops as everyone else.

FA from Southampton*

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