Francesca lost 3 stone 8lb*

"Wow, now I weigh 10 stone, unbelievable, after 4 months. I have lost 3 stone 8lb despite a 3-week holiday in California. In desperation, I phoned Rachel having been on a diet for 9 months and only lost a stone. I started the week before Easter as I decided it was now or never. I had a choice - either being fat for the rest of my life or to do something about it - and Rachel was the answer. I thought it was going to be impossible to lose a stone in the first month but it only took 3 weeks. The diet was easy to follow and, when eating at friends' homes, I took my food with me. We often take a 3-hour trip to visit relations and always stop for a coffee, but I always had a hot chocolate. First week of diet I said no to the hot chocolate, I want to be slim, and that saying has stayed with me. ‘I can have a piece of chocolate cake but I would rather be slim.’ This is the first diet I have been on that has worked, and the weight has come off so quickly and the diet is easy to follow. I think it is amazing value; it’s a small price to pay for feeling so fit and well, and a size 10-12 into the bargain. I went on a walking holiday recently with friends to Dorset. We walked along the cliff path at Durdle Door, the path climbs up very steeply, then back down to sea level before climbing again. I would not have been able to do this before losing weight. My friends have been very supportive and can’t believe my weight loss. People I haven’t seen for a while are amazed. I just wish I had discovered Rachel years ago, and thank you Rachel for helping me to achieve this weight loss."
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