Janis Marns from Sussex lost 2 stone*

"My weight loss journey started 36 years ago. To say I have tried every diet known to man is no exaggeration, none which worked for me. I had always been active which made the weight even more frustrating.

Following my initial consultation with Rachel I felt at last equipped to tackle my weight problem once and for all.

I lost weight easily and steadily - a total of 29lb altogether. I was never hungry and ate foods that I enjoyed and had no desire to eat wrong foods. I even lost 3lb when I was on holiday. While following the programme I felt incredibly well and very positive. My health has improved. I used to struggle to get up at 9.00am and now I am up at 6.00am! In addition my IBS stopped.

A wedding outfit for my son has been altered 3 sizes down and my wardrobe is full of lovely clothes and shoes.

What I have achieved with the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme, I have never been able to achieve with other diets.

I am extremely grateful to Rachel. I took the first step but she rescued me, providing constant support and inspiration."

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