Making the necessary life style and diet changes

Do you feel that you are caught in a vicious trap with your eating habits? 

Many people find that they are caught in a vicious trap with their eating habits - the problem being they just don't know how to break free from them. Anyone who struggles with their eating habits knows the despair and frustration that can accompany this. 

Step by step making lifestyle changes

Losing weight goes far beyond just being on a diet. Specific lifestyle changes are often needed in order to bring one’s dieting days to an end once and for all. The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme can help you make those changes step by step. In many cases these are very simple but effective. With support tailored to each client, time after time the feedback is that it was an easy-to-follow programme. 

It’s never too late! 

Whatever your age, the good news is that it's never too late to change your diet and lifestyle! Our clients' ages range from 8-85 years! 

Call now for a free consultation 

If you are at the point where ‘Enough is enough!’ with constantly struggling with your weight loss and you are willing to make some simple lifestyle and diet changes, call us now for a free consultation: Phone 01342 590014 or email

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