Menopausal weight gain

Alongside hot flushes, mood swings and forgetfulness (just to name a few symptoms), it is more than likely that the hormonal changes of menopause have brought with them an increase in your weight and body shape.

With your waist expanding, layers of fat being stored around your midriff and clothes no longer fitting, have you got to the stage where you are in despair and wonder when it is all going to end? If you have encountered any of the following menopause-related problems, then the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme could be just what you are looking for: 

  • Your previous methods of losing weight are no longer effective 
  • Your weight seems un-related to what you eat or how much you exercise 
  • Your diet has not changed but your weight is increasing alongside a change in body shape 
  • You are finding the added weight around your midriff very uncomfortable 
  • In the past you could eat what you wanted, but this is no longer the case 
  • You have always had a weight problem that the menopause has compounded 

You may have been told that your weight gain and change in body shape is “just a matter of your age” and that nothing really can be done about it. However, the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme has been shown to be very effective with this distressing problem*. 

Clients are delighted time after time with their weight loss, improved health, and being able to wear clothes they thought they would never be able to get back into*.

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