Metabolic Weight Loss Programme information Sheet

Lifestyle Changes

In order to lose and maintain your target weight, some changes in your eating habits and lifestyle will obviously be needed. We keep our recommendations for any changes as simple and effective as possible.

Not a faddy diet

There are no diet shakes, diet pills, faddy foods or meal replacements. While we don’t provide fixed menu plans, we can help with menu planning if necessary.

Weight loss

If the programme is followed 100%, the expected average weight loss is 7-14lb a month. Many clients come to us as their last chance, having tried so many times to lose weight, and are more than delighted with their weight loss and achievements on the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme.

The four stages of the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme

Stage 1:

You will be introduced to the food lists of the different food groups that you will be following on Stage 2. Foods and drinks that can cause cravings are eliminated at a rate that is comfortable for you. Any non-optimum eating habits will start to be addressed from this point.

Stage 2:

On this stage, you will have specific quantities and combinations of the food lists that you were introduced to on Stage 1. You will be on this stage until your desired weight or size has been achieved.

Stage 3:

Foods that were not on Stages 1 and 2 are gradually reintroduced, so it will become very evident which foods affect your weight or cause any unwanted reactions such as cravings, bloating etc.

Stage 4:

Taking your outcome from Stage 3, our guidelines are tailored as necessary to give you the best opportunity to be in control of your weight, once and for all.

It is important that you are able to comfortably follow Stages 1-4. For this reason, any part of the programme can be modified as needed for your individual requirements.


Our one-to-one support is available throughout the programme and is a major factor for getting the very best results from the programme. It is tailored individually for your needs.

Our whole purpose is to make the process of weight loss and weight maintenance as comfortable as possible for you and that is why we use a step-by-step approach as needed throughout the four stages of the programme.

Consultations last up to 15 minutes and are recommended every 7-14 days.

Email support is available as needed throughout the week.

For those who are not able to visit the Weight Loss Centre, we run an excellent phone and email support service, throughout the UK and other countries. If you are serious about losing your weight once and for all, distance is no object!

Please note

We don’t offer psychological advice or counselling on eating disorders.


If you have not already done so, please look at our testimonials, videos and before and after photos on our website, showing the life-changing results that have been experienced by so many of our clients.

Hundreds of hand-written testimonials, all available to be seen, validate the testimonials on our website.

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