Obesity and how it affects your health

Blood supply to the brain is vital. Did you know that being overweight increases the chances of a stroke? Strokes are caused by a temporary shut-off of the blood supply to the brain causing the death of brain cells, usually caused by a blood clot in the blood vessels. Without the necessary oxygen and nutrients, brain cells quickly die. Reducing your weight may help to reduce your chances of a stroke.

Blood Vessels

High blood pressure is known to increase the chance of heart disease and strokes. High blood pressure – also known as hypertension – can be triggered by many things including age, fitness levels, high salt intake, overweight, smoking, alcohol & stress. Being overweight increases the chances of high blood pressure although it can and does affect people of varying weights.


Our lungs work hard all day and all night. We breathe in vital oxygen from our lungs which is then pumped around the body in the blood to all the cells. We breathe out carbon dioxide which is the waste product from the cells.

When we are overweight, our lungs have to work harder to do their job. This can increase stress and strain on the lungs. Being overweight is linked to increasing one’s chances of suffering from asthma. When you are overweight you get more breathless and this can strain the lungs more.


Being overweight can add enormous strain to one’s heart. The heart is the hardest working muscle in the body and pumps all day to carry oxygen around the body to all cells and helping pump waste products back out of the lungs again. The heart works all day and all night. Being overweight adds stress to your heart muscle as it has to work harder to get the blood to around your body.

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