Pam lost 4 stone, Andrew lost 2 stone*

“I had given up all hope of ever going back to a size 12/14 and was resigned to always being overweight, having ballooned to over 15 stone. No previous diets had ever worked – I have an under-active thyroid, which didn’t help - and I think my doctors had given up hope on me ever shedding the pounds! I’m so glad we followed up Rachel’s ad. Rachel encouraged us all the way and her advice and suggestions were really easy to follow – we didn’t find ourselves hungry or getting cravings. The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme very quickly re-educated our diets but it wasn’t at all difficult to keep to. One happy side effect was Andrew‘s indigestion problems disappearing, while my blood pressure improved. We reached our target weights in less than five months but far more than that has been the way it has changed our lives and how we feel about ourselves. We know we look good and I have so much more confidence and feel so much happier. I am so thrilled about what the programme has meant to us both – there is no way that we will go back to our old eating habits. A very big personal thank you to Rachel for turning us around.”

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