Steroids and weight gain

Naturally Produced Steroids

Steroids are produced in the body naturally, for example testosterone, progesterone, oestrogen, cholesterol and cortisone. Steroids also occur in animals and plants.

Steroids have many functions including muscle building, while others such as the female sex hormones help to control and regulate menstruation and fertility.

Medically Prescribed Hormones

These are based on cortisone which the body produces naturally but they are well known for producing side effects.

Steroids can directly affect the rate of metabolism, often resulting in increased appetite and weight gain. Steroids have an impact on how fat is stored and often lead to fat around the abdomen, back of the neck and around the sides of the face, resulting in a moon-shaped looking face.

If you take steroids, changing or improving your diet and increasing exercise may help to reduce any weight gain.

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