Weight loss and fertility

There is no doubt that carrying extra weight can be a major cause of infertility. 

Being overweight may also cause problems with conception, pregnancy and labour. ### Why a healthy weight helps to improve chances of conception 

1. Getting to an acceptable weight before becoming pregnant can give you the best chances of a natural conception and fewer complications in pregnancy and in labour. 

2. It is a known fact that being overweight can affect fertility in women. 

3. If both partners are overweight or obese, they’re more likely to take up to 3 times longer to conceive. 

4. Overweight men can suffer from low sperm count. 

5. Excess weight may affect regular monthly cycles making it difficult to predict when you are actually ovulating. 

6. Fallopian tubes can thicken making it more difficult for sperm to reach the egg. 

7. Being overweight increases the chances of diabetes during pregnancy. 

8. Excess weight on top of pregnancy weight can cause difficulty with mobility and exercise. 

9. You have to fall within a certain weight range before IVF treatment can be given. 

10. After your baby is born, physical demands increase. The fitter you are, the easier it is!

One of the reasons why clients come to us to lose weight is that they are having difficulty in conceiving or they have been told by their doctor to lose weight, to increase their chances of becoming pregnant. 

Often this is a last resort before fertility treatment. We are always delighted when our clients come to us to lose weight to conceive and then fall pregnant. 

Doing all that you can to be at a healthy weight before getting pregnant is recommended so as to give you and your baby the best chance.

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