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The following testimonials are presented as they were written by our clients. Any specific weight loss figures given are their personal experience, and they should not be taken as specific claims for the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme.

Nicki lost 3 and a half stone*

"Before I found the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme I was at an all-time low with my weight. I was eating to make myself happy! Obviously this wasn’t the solution. My weight was increasing and it became a vicious circle. I also started to have weight-related health problems, my back and knees ached most of the time.

I was somewhat ashamed when I had my first appointment because I weighed more than I thought and when I saw my weight it was a wake-up call! Rachel made me feel so at ease I began to feel less ashamed and self-conscious of myself.

I couldn’t believe how quickly I started to see the results. I first noticed that my back and knee had stopped hurting so much and I wasn’t so breathless. I don’t think I could have achieved it without the support of Rachel and Mike. They are there for you 24/7 with any little worry, which helps keep you on track and focus.

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Kirsti lost 2 stone*

"I was desperate to find something that worked. I had struggled with my weight for so long.

While I was on the programme I wasn't hungry and didn't have any cravings. I am absolutely delighted with my 2 stone weight loss."

Tochelle lost 5 stone*

"I came to Rachel and Mike Ricketts at the Weight Loss Centre after many years of my weight and eating habits spiralling out of control.

Throughout my 20s I had turned to food and used it as an emotional comfort. It became my best friend. Whether I felt it was a time to celebrate or a time to commiserate, food was the first thing I turned to, no matter what time of the day, no matter how inconvenient it was to get my hands on and no matter how much I wanted to lose weight and be healthy, eating whatever type of food I could find was more important for the few minutes I ate it!

As a very unhappy size 22, I had simply become addicted to food at the age of 29. I visited my GP on many occasions and also completed a course of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) which helped for the duration of the course but soon enough, left to my own devices, I was binge eating and becoming more and more depressed.

I didn't want to work, which is very hard when you run your own business! I didn't want to socialize, I couldn't do my own housework and all I wanted to do was sleep and stay in bed all day, every day.

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Natalie lost 3 stone in 5 months*

"I decided to go and see Rachel and follow the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme as I was at an all time low with my weight.

I have been overweight since childhood; throughout my teens and adult life my weight has been a constant source of worry for me and at times has held me back from doing so many things. I have tried so many different diets, all of them would work at first but then after a few months my weight loss would grind to a halt leaving me very disheartened.

The final straw came when I was a bridesmaid recently and my dress had to be let out instead of being taken in. I was very embarrassed and felt that my weight was spiralling out of control. Despite trying to lose weight I seemed to be putting it on. It was at that point that I made a decision that I seriously needed to take control and change my life.

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Lewis loses on average 4lb a week*

"I never thought I could have achieved what I did – losing 23lb in the first four weeks! My average weight loss on the programme averaged out to 4lb a week, which was very motivating. I was never hungry and the programme was simple to follow. Having lost the weight I now have the tools to keep it off.

I am very pleased with the programme and so is my girlfriend – she now has a new man! I am 10/10 satisfied with the programme – good value for money.

I certainly feel a lot better and the sun is now shining every day!"

Francesca lost 3 stone 8lb*

"Wow, now I weigh 10 stone, unbelievable, after 4 months.  I have lost 3 stone 8lb despite a 3-week holiday in California.

In desperation, I phoned Rachel having been on a diet for 9 months and only lost a stone. I started the week before Easter as I decided it was now or never.  I had a choice - either being fat for the rest of my life or to do something about it - and Rachel was the answer.

I thought it was going to be impossible to lose a stone in the first month but it only took 3 weeks. The diet was easy to follow and, when eating at friends' homes, I took my food with me. 

We often take a 3-hour trip to visit relations and always stop for a coffee, but I always had a hot chocolate. First week of diet I said no to the hot chocolate, I want to be slim, and that saying has stayed with me. ‘I can have a piece of chocolate cake but I would rather be slim.’"

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*Any photos or testimonials seen on this website are people's personal experiences and should not be taken as specific claims for the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme. Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.