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The following testimonials are presented as they were written by our clients. Any specific weight loss figures given are their personal experience, and they should not be taken as specific claims for the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme.

Rachel from Tunbridge Wells lost 2 and a half stone*

"I had been overweight for 17 years and now in just 5 months I have lost my weight. The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme has been the best thing I have done for myself.  It was easy to follow and I never had any cravings.

My doctors can’t believe how I look and said that the programme is the way forward for weight loss. I was constantly having severe pains and now this has all disappeared with having lost 34lb. I was on a very high amount of thyroxin before the programme which has now been able to be reduced.  Another major benefit is that I no longer need an operation.

I feel so well, full of energy and just feel so much better about myself - whereas before I was feeling very depressed.  I have a whole new wardrobe of clothes. I definitely didn’t think I would be able to achieve what I did with the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme. I had been yo-yo dieting for years and tried every diet going.

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Joan lost 2 stone*

"The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme was my last chance at the tender age of 78 years old! I lost 24lb in 10 weeks!

I had no cravings and didn't feel hungry on the programme. My blood pressure is now perfect, my asthma is much better and so is my sleep. I am very happy with what I have achieved on the programme!"

Pam lost 4 stone, Andrew lost 2 stone*

“I had given up all hope of ever going back to a size 12/14 and was resigned to always being overweight, having ballooned to over 15 stone. No previous diets had ever worked – I have an under-active thyroid, which didn’t help - and I think my doctors had given up hope on me ever shedding the pounds! I’m so glad we followed up Rachel’s ad. Rachel encouraged us all the way and her advice and suggestions were really easy to follow – we didn’t find ourselves hungry or getting cravings. The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme very quickly re-educated our diets but it wasn’t at all difficult to keep to. One happy side effect was Andrew‘s indigestion problems disappearing, while my blood pressure improved. We reached our target weights in less than five months but far more than that has been the way it has changed our lives and how we feel about ourselves. We know we look good and I have so much more confidence and feel so much happier. I am so thrilled about what the programme has meant to us both – there is no way that we will go back to our old eating habits. A very big personal thank you to Rachel for turning us around.”

Lorraine lost 6 stone in 6 months*

“At my initial consultation, it was a case of this is a last attempt at losing weight naturally before resorting to gastric surgery. I thought maybe a couple of stone would be lost but I lost 6 stone in 6 months! The last time I was this weight was when I was in my teens!

The programme was extremely easy to do – no gimmicks and very good value for money. During the programme you learn to understand what causes your weight gain, and how best to control your cravings. As the weight kept coming off I thought this is great, and it kept me motivated to continue with the programme.

I feel absolutely fantastic and feel very proud of myself. My husband thinks it is great that I lost so much weight. When I reached the maintenance stage, he surprised me with a lovely diamond eternity ring for reaching my goal!

I feel much healthier all round. Having lost this weight I have the confidence that I can achieve anything now. I used to get puffed out walking up the stairs, now I can run, swim and cycle, I am a member of the East Grinstead Triathlon Club, and will be taking part in their triathlon next year. I am much more confident and am willing to have my photo taken now!

My wardrobe now consists of skirts, dresses and better fitting tops, and is mostly size 10 or 12 instead of the 20/22 sizes I used to wear. I absolutely feel that I can keep my weight off.

Anyone who wants to lose weight and is willing to commit 110% to the programme will benefit from it.

A very big thank you to Rachel – this programme really works!”

Jeremy Nicki lost 3 stone*

I wanted to lose weight for two reasons: I was unhappy with how I looked and also I’d been diagnosed with a heart condition. I thought that shedding the pounds would help.

When I started with Rachel and Mike I weighed 16 stone 7lb. I lost 3 stone and I feel and look so much better now. My consultant cardiologist is very pleased and has signed me off. My wife and daughter are delighted with the new me! I am so grateful to Rachel and Mike for the transformation they have helped to bring about. It is easy now to keep my weight in check.

Thank you, you really have given me a new lease of life!

Pauline from Pyecombe lost 4 stone*

"Bless the day that I picked up the 'Living Magazine' and saw your advert (one year ago). What an inspiration you were. I have managed to turn my eating habits around and have kept the four stone off! Also two of my friends are so impressed they are with you now."

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*Any photos or testimonials seen on this website are people's personal experiences and should not be taken as specific claims for the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme. Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.