Are diet pills or meal replacements the answer to your weight problem?

The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme using only food, offers a healthy and sustainable alternative for losing and keeping your weight off!

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If only it were just a matter of taking diet pills or meal replacements to get to the weight you want be and then to be able to keep it off!

However appealing this is, in reality these methods, if they work at all, is not a lasting solution for permanent weight loss.  

Many diet pills not only produce harmful side effects but often contain powerful stimulants such as amphetamines and antidepressants, which can be extremely addictive.

Diet meal replacements such as shakes or don’t usually provide the entire nutrients one needs for a balanced diet. Often they can contain a high content of sugar, carbohydrates and sodium.

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The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme

The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme is a healthier and safer alternative to pill and diet meal replacements.   A four-stage eating plan tailored for your individual need which is easy to follow and structured.  Plenty of one- to- one support is available with each stage of the programme.

Key factors of The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme

  • Expected average weight loss, 7-14lb a month
  • No pills, injections, diet shakes or meal replacements
  • Easy to follow and effective
  • Tailored for your individual needs
  • One-to-one support to help you all the way!

Helping you to get out of the dieting trap

The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme is not just another diet. Instead it is a straight forward, workable and sustainable way of losing and keeping off your weight once and for all!

With our one-to-one support we help you:

Not a Quick-Fix Diet

There is nothing faddish or gimmicky about The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme. No pills, injections, diet shakes, meal replacements or bars! It is a structured and sustainable way to lose weight and keep it off once and for all.

Motivating Weight loss

The expected average weight loss of 7-14lb a month is especially welcome for those who struggle with a slow weight loss! This is for people of all ages and includes those with an underactive thyroid.

One-to-One Support

Weekly consultations available on a weekly basis with plently of email support. Committed to helping you lose weight once and for all, supporting thousands of people throughout the UK and overseas.


When I joined the Weight Loss Centre, I made a decision that I must lose at least 2 stones but never thought I could. The weight dropped off steadily and now I am 3 stones lighter! The other very good benefits are I have stopped taking tablets for high blood pressure, do not get asthma and my cholesterol level is down to normal. I would recommend this programme to anyone who is serious about losing weight. I have to say it has changed my way of life all for the better.

N. B. - Sussex *

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The dangers of diet pills

If only it was just a matter of taking diet pills to lose your weight and never for it to return.  As much as we would all love that, unfortunately it is just not going to happen!

The most common type of diet pills available claim to suppress the appetite, burn fat or stop the absorption of dietary fat.

The risk of buying diet pills online

According to an article published by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in August 2016 called ‘Dodgy diet pills: Dying to lose weight?’, MHRA Senior Policy Manager Lynda Scammell said:

“The internet offers access to a vast number of websites offering products marketed as “slimming” or “diet” pills. Many make attractive claims and offer “quick-fix” solutions, but the only pounds you will lose will be from your bank balance.

“Many of these pills will not be licensed medicines. That means their contents are unknown and untested. Chances are they simply will not work, but they may contain dangerous ingredients. The consequences for your health can be devastating.

“Know what you’re buying – if you don’t, your weight could be the least of your worries!”

Common side effects of diet pills

There are many known side effects from diet pills including:  restlessness, nervousness, insomnia, headaches, constipation, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, dry mouth, dizziness and even hair loss.

Some unpleasant and often embarrassing side effects of fat absorption diet pills can include flatulence, urgency of opening bowels, soft stools and faecal incontinence.

What diet pills can contain

Many diet pills not only produce harmful side effects but often contain powerful stimulants such as amphetamines and antidepressants, which can be extremely addictive.

Diet pills often contain stimulants that can cause dangerous side effects such as an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Taking diet pills that contain caffeine and other known diuretics can cause water loss, but this is not fat loss and water weight easily returns.

Unlicensed diet pills

Diet pills that have dangerous side effects have been increasingly banned by the UK Government. 

The appetite suppressant Phentermine which was marketed as Duromine and Ionamin has now been withdrawn from use in Britain as it was associated with addiction and harmful side effects.

There is currently only one licensed diet drug available in the UK.

 Diet Shakes or Meal replacement diets

Diet meal replacements usually come in the form of shakes, bars or soups. Used as a short-term solution, there is a high risk of the weight going back on once returning to normal food. It is certainly not possible to live off meal replacement meals on a long-term basis. 

Diet shakes, diet bars and meal replacements don't usually provide all the fresh nutrients one needs for a balanced diet. It is important to read the labels to see what they really contain as they can be high in sugar, carbohydrates and sodium. It can be far cheaper to eat healthy fresh foods rather than packaged, artificial foods.

You may find you are still hungry after eating meal replacements and ending up eating your day’s supply far too early in the day!

Socially you can be at a disadvantage when eating in company and having to eat your meal replacement out of a sachet or wrapper! This can invite unwelcome comments and draw unwanted attention to yourself!

Taking control of your weight naturally

As with diet pills, meal replacements can be considered an easy option. However, they don’t address changing one’s eating habits or help you to maintain any weight that has been lost.

The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme is diet pill and meal replacement free!

The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme is a completely natural approach to losing and keeping weight off.

For those who are serious about their weight loss and maintenance, there is no quick fix or short cut! 


Have lost 21lbs following the easiest weight programme, I have ever tried. I was never hungry. Thanks to Sue & Rachel for their support and tough love throughout. Don’t wait to get signed up now for a new you just do it - I can honestly say it is one of the best choices I have ever ever made.

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