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The following testimonials are presented as they were written by our clients. Any specific weight loss figures given are their personal experience, and they should not be taken as specific claims for the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme.

I can't believe the weight loss. I was absolutely desperate to lose weight. Nothing was working for me. I even considered having a gastric bypass. I had been told that because of my thyroid condition It would be very difficult to lose weight. However, with the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme I lost 3 and a half stone! I feel hugely better in myself and much improved confidence and self-esteem. I definitely have more energy and my thyroid medication has been reduced. I wished I had found this programme before. I am very very happy with the results. Thank you for all your support.

Linda - Ferndown

Definitely a good investment! Really happy with the results of the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme. It has put me in control of what I am eating and changed my taste buds for the better. I have lost 3 stones and went down from a size 18 to a 12/14. I am now exercising which I wasn't able to do before as I was too lethargic. Clothes that I packed away years ago, I am now wearing.

Pat R - Wirral

Looking for losing some weight and battling with other diets, I came across Rachel’s Metabolic Weight Loss Program. The slow weight process suited me perfectly. No dietary supplements needed, just only natural food. I managed to lose one stone and to my surprise not fighting food cravings! I noticed my mood improved resulting in having more energy. Rachel is very professional, she was always encouraging me. Thanks Rachel for all your support and advice. A weight loss program for life!

Norma Wilkie - Crowborough

For the first time in my life, I have something that I can lose weight with! I decided to do the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme as I was concerned about being overweight and the way it was affecting my health. So simple to follow, not struggling with cravings and not feeling like I am going without anything. Very happy, I have lost 2 and a half stone! Feeling and sleeping better so much better. Much more energy and no longer having to take medication for heartburn, a chronic condition of mine for 3 years. Spare tyre has completely gone! Love wearing all my new clothes. Feeling brilliant at the end of the programme. Can’t believe that I have done so well with my weight loss, never thought I could have achieved this. Thank you so much.

Wendy Hughes - North Berwick

Having tried every conceivable diet I was sceptical. It wasn't that I didn't believe Rachel. I thought it worked for other people but wouldn't for me. I was so wrong! Right from the first week I lost weight and then continued to do so. The plan at first sight is a bit different to others and so you have to concentrate a bit to get your head round it. But, its the difference to other eating plans that makes it work and its not at all hard to eat properly. I also found the weekly phone calls and the advice when I needed it was great and helped me to keep going.

Stephanie Holliday

Best Christmas present I have had for years. The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme was very easy to follow, superb range of foods. Far more energy and no longer get out of breath. Went for a walk in the valleys on Boxing Day. Usually, I would have done 2 miles. However, I just kept on walking and walking and did 10 miles!! I felt like Forest Gump!! My weight loss has made such a difference, clothes are now hanging off me – gone down 2 sizes and lost almost 2 stones. I feel a lot better physically and mentally. Getting loads of compliments and always been asked what I am doing to get such good results. Thank you very much for all your support – never criticised me, always encouraged me, you have given me confidence. People treat me differently now I have lost weight. You have been absolutely brilliant. Couldn't have had a better consultant. Can’t thank you enough.

Yvonne - Lancaster

I have successfully changed lifelong eating habits. I have lost over 10kg (which was a lot of excess weight to carry for a small frame like mine) by staying with the programme for over just a year. The key advantages of this programme over others I have tried in the past are: (1) it is based on science (2) Rachel and the teams’ experience of helping others (of keeping blood sugar stable) (3) ongoing individualised support as each person is unique and may need tweaking of the main programme (4) ongoing support from the knowledgeable team (Rachel, Gill, Sue) It does need strong motivation from the person to stay with it and for that one needs good reasons for doing it, as it takes time to change lifelong habits. The programme has successfully helped me change my eating habits in terms of what to eat and how much to eat. I have noticed that there is more physical energy and stamina. I am now able to do things which I found difficult before. For example, carrying a suitcase up and down stairs, without getting puffed. My body’s immunity has increased. For example, I recently spent several days at a conference, sitting next to a friend who had a cold, but did not get the cold. An added bonus is that my husband’s (he ate more or less what I did and who has Type 2 diabetes) tummy has become smaller. This particular programme is obviously good for diabetics. I wholeheartedly recommend this programme and thank Rachel, Gill and Sue, for getting me through.

Freni - New Malden

When I started the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme, I said to Rachel it would be tremendous if I got in the 10’s. With the amazing support and following the programme properly, I was able to get to this weight! The last time I was this weight was over 30 years ago. I honestly didn’t think I could have done this well. The programme was excellent. I genuinely wasn’t hungry, it was so uncomplicated I never once felt that I couldn’t follow it. Thank you all so very much – I am very very pleased.

Rosemary R - Cirencester

I didn't think I would ever be writing a positive review for a diet - I thought I would spend the rest of my life being fat while trying, and failing, to lose weight. But I count my lucky stars that I came across an advert for Rachel Rickett's Weight Loss consultancy while browsing an old magazine. I truly thought I was cursed - everything I tried diet-wise had failed - but this is the PERFECT weight loss programme. I was never hungry, I lost weight quickly and now, having lost 2 stones in 5 months, I can look forward to a life of being slim. There are so many things to praise I don't know where to start - Rachel's help, for one thing. The weekly phone calls kept me on track. Above all, though, this is a diet for grown-ups! So many diets infantilise women, keeping them in the 'naughty or good' frame of mind. This addresses the central problem that causes diets to fail - how sugar creates cravings - and resolves them. I am now on Stage 3, learning how to reintroduce foods, and I couldn't be happier. I have lost weight, long standing health niggles have cleared up, I have bought new dresses (too many, actually...) and feel on top of the world! If you are struggling with your weight, this is the place to end the fight. Yes, it's not the cheapest diet in the world, but worth every penny as far as I am concerned. Thank you Rachel!

Cat M - Tonbridge

I started the metabolic programme in April 2017. I was surprised at how easy it was to both follow and adapt to the programme in just a few weeks. The weight started to drop off in the first week and has continued do do so. My starting weight was 19st and I am now 15st 5lbs. It has been s steady weight loss which keeps me motivated along with my weekly phone calls from the councillors. I will definitely be continuing with the plan.

Sandra Miller - Birmingham

I have tried several other diets, but none have worked and been so easy to sustain as Rachels. The programme has been easy to follow and certainly suits me. I am nearly at my goal weight and have taken pride and pleasure in my weight loss. The support has been invaluable, encouraging and helpful. I would certainly recommend this diet programme.

Mrs Montier - Lewes

I am so pleased, you have no idea! I am the over the moon - with what I have achieved. It is amazing how the programme works. For many years I couldn't lose weight because of my thyroid. I tried so many different diets but nothing worked until I did the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme. After all this time I have finally been able to lose my weight – I haven’t been this weight for years. I couldn't have had a nicer consultant –very helpful and very supportive.

Chris - Northfleet

Although a very difficult programme, I have managed to loose 3 stone 10 pounds in around 10 weeks and have managed to drop 2 dress sizes in the process! The support I have received from the team has been fantastic and has really helped to achieve my weight loss! The plan has been key to my success and I seriously recommend it to anybody serious about loosing weight!

Eleanor - Cheam

Fantastic I was overweight and feeling sluggish, this program has helped me beat both, I have more energy, no more feeling bloated and feel better about myself when I look in the mirror. The support was great, everyone was very helpful and encouraging. I would recommend this program to anyone. Thank you team.

Debbie Holland - London

The Metabolic Programme has been worth every penny! At 71 years old, I needed to lose weight because of my health. Here are some results from being on the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme: My blood pressure is now down and I have gone from 3 lots of medication to 1 lot. My blood tests are now all normal. I no longer feel bloated and the swellings of my ankles have gone down. I am feeling more energetic. My doctor is absolutely delighted with what I have achieved on the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme and told me how good I was looking and that I could be the poster girl for the month in the surgery! My shape has changed, I have lost 2 stone, gone down 2 dress sizes and 1 shoe size. I can’t remember when I was last this weight. I can’t tell you how well I feel and how pleased I am with doing the programme. Thank you for all your support!!

Barbara - Hove

I was so tired of all the diet clubs. I wanted to take control of the way I was eating and now I have done that with the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme. I am so delighted with all what I have achieved. I have now a new way of eating for life and I definitely have more energy. This has been unlike any other diet that I have tried. Thank you for all what you have done for me and for all of your support – it has been wonderful.

Madeline - Bath

At last a weight loss programme that really works. I have tried many diets over the past 40 years which have all resulted in a return to my original weight plus extra pounds. DIETS DON'T WORK!! I was sick and tired of trying to stick to a rigid plan and then not have the results reflect the effort I had put in. I wanted to lose about 2.5 stones but at the time it seemed like climbing a mountain. Also I was not in a good place, emotionally. However having been onto the Metabolic web site and seen the video testimonials of other people I was encouraged to give it a go. Looking at the programme I realised two things, firstly I already ate healthily and had been eating the food that was recommended and secondly more importantly I had not been eating enough food over the past few years. Consequently my body went into "starvation" mode and clung onto the fat. I had a weight loss of between 1 to 3 lbs every week and could not believe how easy it was. I reached my target weight in just over 4 months. Without doubt it has been the most effective and easiest weight loss programme I have ever tried. Believe me I have tried most of them! I liked the idea of the personal phone calls which I found to be most encouraging and helpful. No more humiliating announcement in front of a room of strangers as to how much or little I had changed in weight! I feel clean on the inside and have no desire to eat anything like cake or biscuits (which I didn't do before anyway). I understand this is a lifetime change in my eating habits and not a quick fix. It's important to me to keep a healthy BMI and to take responsibility for my health. I don't want to be a diabetic or obese statistic in the doctor's surgery. The whole programme has empowered me to take back control of my eating and has in turn given me so much more confidence not just with how I look but in myself. This programme has allowed me to move forward on my life path knowing that I now possess the necessary tools to maintain my weight loss for the future. Please don't hesitate to sign up to the programme as there is no price you can put on your health.

Diane Grainger - Buxted

Incredible weight loss programme! I stared the programme in September 2016. I was depressed and stuck in a cycle of self-hate and overeating. I am now 4 stone lighter, healthier, happier and with a positive outlook on life. Rachael has taught me how to control my cravings by eating the right foods at the right time, which many diets do not. This has and will prove invaluable as I maintain my weight in the future. Rachael is non-judgmental, kind, and honest - which is what has helped me come this far. I have almost come to the end of my 6 month programme, but I will be continuing my consultations with her as I have been so happy with all the help and advice she's given me. My weight loss has inspired my Mum, who has now also joined the programme. Thanks so much Rachael, I cannot thank you enough!

Jade Jehan - East Grinstead

I started this plan at 14 st 4 lbs and after 10 -11 weeks was down to 11st 9lbs it nned dedication but I have had Gill phone me each week and used weight watchers scales and watched my weight, body fat , and bmi all fall, so I have gone from obese to nearly normal in a relatively short time which is what I wanted as did not want to wait for months. The plan is easy to follow and the comments from friends and family are a great help, but the hard part will start when band foods are put back in the menu but I am sure that the new thinking about what I eat and the hard work to get down to the weight that I wanted will help me. Cooking meals is not so much of a chore as I thought, maybe half hour in the evening. This is not a cheap option but if you stick with it the results are quick, But you will have to buy new clothes so will need to add that in to the equation as well. ( but will be fun) I have found getting around far easier as I am not out of breath ( just come back from Cornwall and it was so much easier than last year) I was starting to worry about my health but now feel so much better. I would recommend this if you want great results over a quick period. ( they say between 7 - 14 lbs a month, I managed that .)

Duncan - Lingfield

I started my journey weighing 14stone 3 in April 2016, today being the 8.6.2017 I weigh 9stone 3 so I have lost over 5 stone which i thought i would or could never do, i tried weight watchers, and others but this weight plan works and i have had a few naughties but i have learnt that if i put on 2ib going back on plan i loose that within a week and it DOES work, the ease of the plan and weighing everything is so easy the food choice is amazing and i appreciate the good food more now and healthy too, and i am even looking at fat and sugar content of everything which is a real eyeopener, my phone buddy i shall call her Jill has been with me since about May 2016 and phones me every week on my progress she is a real tonic in keeping you focused and the real reason why you are doing this, this plan works because its not a diet its a complete lifestyle change and for the better, I would recommend this to anyone thinking of getting and feeling better about themselves, this is one of the best things i have done and i will continue with it even after I get past stage 4, because its something you can refer to if at any time you put on a pound or two going back on it shifts that in a week i know it has worked for me, amazing company, brilliant plan and I am so grateful for making that first phone call, thankyou xx

Mrs I Chapman - Newark

I lost a quarter of my body weight. I went to Rachel having met two people who had successfully followed the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme. I had put on a lot of weight after my second pregnancy and after the deaths of both my parents. I felt overwhelmed by it, as I had never had a problem with my weight before and just didn't know what to do about it. I hated the fact that I was buying clothes in (for me) enormous sizes and I just didn't feel like myself any more. I needed to lose three stone and it felt impossible. The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme turned out to be the answer for me. Having a plan to stick to meant I felt prepared and I could plan to make sensible choices. My weight loss was fairly steady and I lost three stone in about eight months. Six months on I'm still at my target weight, and taking regular exercise for the first time in years. If I'm stressed or rushed I know I make less healthy choices but I'm better at recognising it now. If my weight ever starts to creep up I just go straight back to the programme for a few days and I'm back on track. Losing a quarter of my body weight has been a really empowering experience and it has made me realise that where there are other things in my life that I'm not happy about, I do have the ability to change them. I would recommend this programme to anyone who wants an eating plan that really works, is easy to follow and fits in with current best practice in nutrition.

Elizabeth - Hook

I liked the weekly weigh ins and thorough instruction on how to stick to the plan. This is the only diet I have stuck to because I saw results at good rate.

Jennie Kent - Kingsbury

My Holy Grail weight loss programme Although I have never been grossly overweight, I always struggled to get down to what was for me an acceptable size. I found Rachel's advert in a local magazine ( I live in E. Sussex) and it appealed to me and I decided to get in touch with Rachel. The thing I liked about the system other than the fact that it worked for me, was I didn't have to go to meetings, hang around waiting to be weighed & the results week by week, were just between Rachel & myself. I therefore felt safe & not exposed to any shame should I not succeed. Over about 12 weeks I lost about 12lbs. It did not feel like a struggle & the diet information given to me was very extensive, informative & not difficult to follow. Part of the process was also educating me about more positive choices in what I ate & I have to say that all my contacts with Rachel over the phone left me feeling positive & motivated to succeed. Finally, I would like to add that although I did not have stones to lose, losing nearly a stone was always a struggle until I tried this "Metabolic Weight Loss Programme" which is now my weight loss bible.

Barbara Stanbury - Hailsham

Amazing plan that actually works. Firstly I am lost for words! I have done sooo many diets over the years and I thought when I started the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme that this is going to be another one - I will just add it to the list! But far from it, it really works when you give it a 100%. The support I have received has been amazing. Rachel is so patient and understanding. For the first time in years I really feel like I will finally reach my target weight and my battle with food and self-image may finally be over. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for helping me get closer to my ideal weight. The plan has also helped with my migraines, dizziness and energy levels. Rachel has helped me change my eating habits for good I hope.

Su - Longridge

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