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Lose weight with our unique Metabolic Weight Loss Programme

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A solution to losing your weight once and for all

If you are at the point where you simply have had enough of being overweight and ‘have tried everything’, then The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme could just be what you are looking for!

Over the last 18 years, we have helped thousands to lose their weight once and for all with the principles of our highly successful Metabolic Weight Loss Programme. With our expertise and commitment we are more than confident that we can help you!

We close the door on ‘dieting’ and instead open the door to:

Quite simply

We are committed to getting you to the weight you want to be and empowering you to keep if off in a way that you can realistically do so!

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Key Factors of The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme

The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme uses foods in specific combinations and quantities to help increase your metabolic rate. In addition, we help you make the necessary changes in your eating and lifestyle habits.

With plenty of guidance and support we help you with the very issues that can cause you to struggle time after time with your weight.

Not a Quick-Fix Diet

No fads or gimmicks! No pills, injections, diet shakes, meal replacements or bars. It is a structured and sustainable way to lose weight and keep it off once and for all.

Motivating Weight loss

A motivating weight loss of up to 7-14lb a month, even for those who normally struggle to lose weight. This includes those with an underactive thyroid and ages ranging from 9 to 92 years!

One-to-One Support

Our one-to-one support is understanding and non-judgemental. For those who are not available to visit the centre, remote support is available throughout the UK and overseas.


I did this to improve my metabolism and without a doubt, it worked, just didn't think I would have done this well, really suited me. So healthy and easy to follow, a wonderful diet. The support was terrific. Never felt better. Thoroughly recommend it!

Pat, Trust Pilot*


Struggled with my weight for all my adult life. Following this plan has changed my life. The weekly support at a time convenient to me was superb. The eating plan is straightforward and the weight loss results are amazing. No gimmicks, just sensible eating.

Lyn, Trust Pilot*

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