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Rachel has earned the reputation of being a leading weight loss consultant. She has helped thousands of people to change their lives with her highly successful Metabolic Weight Loss Programme.

Rachel Ricketts Leading Weight Loss Consultant

After 35 years of endlessly trying to lose between 3 and 4 stone, Rachel finally reached her ideal weight. This life-changing experience gave Rachel a strong desire to help others with their weight problems, putting her on the path of becoming a leading weight loss consultant.

Rachel’s 18 years of clinical experience accompanied by extensive research and diplomas in weight loss and nutrition, have resulted in the highly successful Metabolic Weight Loss Programme.

Rachel and her team of consultants are passionate about helping people not just to lose weight but empowering them to keep it off with the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme.

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 Rachel says, “Quite simply, we’re dedicated to helping people get to the weight they want to be and then making sure they know how to keep it off. With our highly successful Metabolic Weight Loss Programme and our one-to-one support, time after we achieve excellent results.  We provide a personal weight loss consultancy, working closely with our clients’ individual needs.”

Earning the respect of doctors

Rachel’s outstanding success continues to attract the attention and respect of doctors who witness first-hand their patient’s weight loss and health benefits. Clients include nurses, doctors, consultants and health practitioners.

Highly recommended

Time after time, clients have been delighted with their life-changing results, supported by continuous 5 star reviews. It can be said, with out exaggeration, that for some people the results have been nothing short of life-saving!


Thank you! After years and years of gradually getting bigger and bigger with more and more self-hatred, I never thought it was possible to look or feel so good. I’ve lost 4 stone and it has all seemed so natural and easy. People I hardly know keep stopping to tell me how good I look. I can run up stairs, my knees no longer ache… I could go on and on… It’s fabulous to enjoy shopping and to be able to go into the same shops as everyone else.

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