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The following testimonials are presented as they were written by our clients. Any specific weight loss figures given are their personal experience, and they should not be taken as specific claims for the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme.

I would thoroughly recommend the Weight Loss Programme for anyone struggling to lose weight as I was. An individual programme was devised for me which was easy to follow, and I was supported all the way. The weekly support by Daley was invaluable, especially with how to cope with cravings. My health improved as well as my waistline and I no longer have acid reflux issues. Thank you to Rachel, Mike and Daley for improving my confidence and restoring my figure!

Sally Chapman - Norwich

I signed up for the Weight Loss Programme. Got wonderful support which helped me to understand the programme and stick to it. I lost over a stone very quickly - I feel and look so much better and enjoying buying a new younger looking wardrobe. Thank you Daley.

Annie Rogerson - Glasgow

I can not fault Rachel in any direction whilst I was doing The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme. She was encouraging, non-judgmental, and totally supporting in every area during my journey and any queries I had were always answered with precision and kindness. I really enjoyed my weekly meetings with Rachel and we always shared a laugh and a joke, as I ventured into my new way of eating and noticed it wasn't at all long before I had more energy, was sleeping better and my clothes were fitting again, and now I'm in the process of having a few dresses and tops taken in. Now, having finished the course, which I did slowly over a period of six months, I'm moving ahead with all my new knowledge and support I've had to keep the weight off and continue to feel good ! Thank you Rachel, Mike and the Team

Ginny - Crowborough

I joined Rachel Ricketts 5 weeks ago and am really happy with the support provided. I am 31 and wanted to ensure the programme could be tailored to my lifestyle of being .. 31! Within the 5 weeks, I've managed to loose 4.5kgs and maintain my social lifestyle. Without the tailoring of the programme and regular support of Daley, I wouldn't have achieved the weight loss and would have given up when I felt I had 'failed'.

Christine - London

Absolutely delighted with the weight loss resulting from using this programme. So simple and easy to follow plus the weekly phone calls keep me on track . I can’t thank the team enough ! If I can do it , anyone can .


At the end of January this year I was put on the waiting list for a knee replacement and I knew that I needed to lose at least two stones to feel comfortable undergoing this op. I have now so far lost two stones with the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme. I certainly have more energy and feel so much better in myself. I am grateful for all the help and support I have received over the last months as I know that I couldn’t have achieved this weight loss on my own. Thank you, Daley.

Angela Jackson - East Grinstead

La creme de la creme of weight loss programmes. The Rachel Ricketts Metabolic Weight Loss Programme richly deserves its five-star rating because, in a nutshell, it really does work wonders. I have just succeeded in losing 5 stone 3lbs in just under 12 months and, overall, a total of 8 stone 8lbs having weighed a whopping 18 stone 10lbs when I was at my biggest and heaviest back in 2009. I would never have achieved this milestone without the brilliance of Rachel's tasty recipes or without all the help, support, advice, encouragement and guidance of Mike, my consultant. Our weekly consultations had to be conducted via email because, being profoundly deaf, I am unable to use the telephone but this proved to be a successful communication tool. My success has been such a good, positive life-changing experience that I am dedicating my forthcoming challenge to scale Scafell Pike at the age of 66 (a sponsored event in aid of my local branch of Cats Protection) to Mike, Rachel and Daley, without whose help this mountain climb would have been impossible and unthinkable a year ago! Thank you all a million for everything. To anyone with doubts, my advice would be, "Go for it, you definitely will never regret it. It will be one of your best-ever decisions!"

Sarah Fox - Woodbridge

I had been bordering on pre diabetic for a number of years but somehow managed to keep my weight low enough to avoid it, that is until lockdown. This is when it seemed I was losing control, I was over 12 half stone bordering a size 20 and things were not good. I read about The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme and realised at 72, it was my metabolism that was the problem, as I was finding it increasingly to lose weight. By following The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme I lost over 2 stone on the programme. It wasn’t just about eating differently but the constant support of Daley that made the difference with my weight loss.

Mary Campbell - London

I can not recommend this program enough. Easy to follow, results for me were steady but consistent. I have never felt better. I have lost over 2 and a half stone, my thyroxine medication has been reduced. I have more energy and am wearing clothes that I have not worn in years, as well as having to buy new items as I dropped two dress sizes. The weekly calls I had with Daley were uplifting and informative, he was always there with great tips and advice.

Krescia - Cowley

"This program is the one to try. I have tried a few programs before but this one had the most effect. Not only did I lost 15 kg in 6 months but most importantly this program shows you how to maintain your weight. The useful weekly calls from Daley helped me to keep on track and deal with unforseen issues. Thanks for all your help!"

Andras - East Grinstead

Every week, Rachel provided consistently excellent telephone support, warm encouragement, and winning tactical advice to help me lose a significant amount of weight. Her scientific insights opened my eyes to how my body reacts to different types of food. The course materials were clear and simple, and easy to commit to memory. This enabled me to carry all her sensible words around in my head, accessible as 'instant guidance', which was especially useful in a supermarket or when eating out. I am deeply grateful to Rachel for her patience when I went off track, for her good humour and her ability to motivate me and build up my resilience each week. She is an excellent teacher, and this is an excellent programme. Thanks a million for everything, Rachel :o)


After putting on weight during covid, my aching knees demanded I take action to lose weight. I responded to an email, and four months later, I am now 28lbs lighter and my knees are much better, not to mention how wonderful it is to be back in my favourite clothes. The support I received from the team, especially Daley, was brilliant. I would not hesitate to recommend this consultancy.

Linda - Southend

This was great, all the support needed was offered. I will recommend this to anyone who wants to get results

Cheryl Stewart - London

I started the programme in February this year and I have now lost over 7.6 kilos and dropped at least one dress size. I was desperate to lose that lock down weight and I have definitely done that. The programme is easy to follow and the support provided helped me to keep on track. I could not have achieved this on my own.

Virgina - Hassocks

This has truly changed my life for the better ! I can’t say enough good things about this diet plan, the support was first rate. Highly recommend.

Shawn - Burgess Hill

This plan has truly changed my life. I have struggled with my weight since having my children 11 years ago and have tried so many different diets and this is the only one that has worked and I have stuck to. The plan has changed my life in so many ways, I now sleep better, I have more energy and feel more confidence. The weekly support was pivotal to my journey and so supportive, especially when things were hard and I was having a wobble. I have lost 50lb on the plan so far and look and feel like a different person.

Cassie - Lindfield

I would highly recommend Rachel Ricketts Weight Loss Diet Programme. As someone who has an Underactive Thyroid Gland, treated, it has always been a long-term struggle to achieve a relatively good weight loss. With all due respect to other Slimming Companies – Rachel’s Weight Loss Programme really shows its worth. Starting in May 2021 – and nearly at 16 Stone – I am now down to 14 Stone and hoping to continue further on to 13 Stone. The programme has also given me a wider insight into the different food products. At first when I began my concern was that it would be ‘too strict’ or ‘too limiting’ but overall this has helped with the feeling of not wishing to eat large portions of food when out in a restaurant atmosphere. I can only Sing my Praises of the Programme as well as to thank Daley for his weekly on-going support as well as Rachel and Mike. Thank You.

Aileen Wright - Winkton

Great support and a great result! Having struggled to manage my weight in middle-age, I lost 17lbs with the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme and am now happily back to a weight I'm very happy with. The support and encouragement from Daley was invaluable and the recipe suggestions were tasty and easy to follow. No negatives (other than the weight loss!), just positives and a very happy client.

Sara - Burgess Hill

Other weight loss plans had limited success for me, so I started Rachel's. To date, I have lost three and a half stone. My energy levels have improved, and it's a wonderful feeling to buy and wear clothes in a smaller size. The plan is easy to understand and each week a consultant is on the other end of the phone to help, guide and support.

Michelle - Branton

so far I have found this program, excellent and the weight loss also excellent. ` Daley's support is encouraging, caring, sympathetic, reassuring and understands that sometimes life gets in the way of a diet.

Derren Harries - Lingfield

I am so grateful. I have tried and failed continuously to lose weight until I came across the Metabolic diet, everything is worked out for you, so quite easy to follow plus the weekly consultation with Daley, his support and understanding is a massive bonus. I am very grateful.

Joanna Pakonta - London

A highly recommended diet which comes along with weekly support calls. I have more energy, have no low blood sugar cravings and no desire to eat sweet/sugary food. Along with feeling comfortable in those clothes that got tighter over 'lockdown' it's been an easy process and you don't even think your on a 'diet'.

Lorraine - Hitchin

I am over the moon. I am just coming to the end of my 6 month programme and I have reached my target weight! I thought that the target that I had set myself was a bit ambitious but I have achieved it and everyone survived!! This has not been a difficult programme for me to follow. The instructions are clearly documented. The lists of permitted foods are extensive and so plenty of variety to choose from. This is NOT a diet of soup and misery. I still went to my favourite restaurants. If you are committed to follow the plan, then you will walk this. Daley and Rachel have been great support on our weekly phone calls and are genuine, lovely people! I cannot recommend them highly enough. Oh, and if you are wondering how much I have lost in 6 months, it's just over 2 stone (that I have failed to shift for over a decade) - and I know that it will stay off. I have the knowledge of how to maintain this weight and I feel brilliant (and a little bit smug!). Thanks RR Weight Loss Team!! You have changed my life (not to mention my wardrobe!!). Very best wishes. Jen x

Jen - Brighton

This one works! After being told by the Doctors I had to take Beta Blockers and given a warning that it would be hard to lose weight, in fact I would probably put weight on! I needed to find something different. I had already tried many diets after having my daughter 30 years ago, having varying success. Then I discovered an ad for Rachel Ricketts weight loss diet. After having a consultation with Mike at the WLC, I decided to go for it. The weight loss programme is easy to follow and gets results quickly, it gives you a varied diet to follow and tasty recipes to enjoy. In a short time you notice not only the weight coming off but a more healthy feeling, you will feel less tired and have more energy. It’s a joy trying clothes on each week and feeling them getting looser each time. The support is great, you are never made to feel that you are failing if you have a bad day, only encouragement and a well done you are doing well. I had a weekly call with Daley or Rachel where I could discuss any problems that I was experiencing. There are also emails with recipes and helpful advice and support. Don’t hesitate, go for it!

Vivienne Harrison - Stowmarket

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