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The following testimonials are presented as they were written by our clients. Any specific weight loss figures given are their personal experience, and they should not be taken as specific claims for the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme.

Thank you Rachel, Daley and the Team. This is the best diet I have ever been on. So far, I have lost 30lb. If you need incentive to lose weight, please read this and other testimonies. I found that I was tiring easily, but now I am bouncing around and able to achieve so much. All my clothes are comfortable. I have even gone down more than one dress size. (My husband has always said that I have too many clothes. I have always said I will lose weight and fit into them again. Well it has happened! It’s like having a whole new wardrobe, but didn’t cost anything.) I used to avoid full length mirrors, now I keep looking at my new figure.

Fiona Weldon - Folkestone

The Weight Loss Consultancy is a personalised programme that enables sensible, steady and sustainable weight loss. Joiners follow a personalised programme of eating good ordinary food in order to eliminate cravings and promote sensible eating. Rachel and her team are always available to support and encourage with regular phone calls and online newsletters, recipes and updates. Follow the plan and it really works!

Lesley Gennoe - Solihull

My experience with the weight loss program has been great. The programconsist of an exceptional team who are knowledgeable and helpful, polite, friendly and they really care about their clients. The stages were detailed and easy to understand. I have enjoyed my experience

Ayan - London

My weight had been steady for many years, but then Covid hit and I piled on the pounds. Menopause meant I just couldn't shift the weight not matter what I tried. Since joining the Rachel Rickett's programme I've lost 2 stone, have regained my body confidence and have more loads energy. I'm on track to hit my goal of 42lbs weight loss. The programme is easy to follow and the weekly support and encouragement from Daley and the team are brilliant.

Fiona - Orkney

The Metabolic Weight loss programme is clear and easy to understand . The support, encouragement and information provided on the weekly support calls is second to none. As I result I have lost 40lbs in weight and cannot believe I have managed to lose this weight despite my age related shrinking metabolism. I am just so delighted and now have the tools to keep this weight off for good.

Catherine Kaye - Dorset

I firmly believe that the science based information, logic and common sense approach of the programme is highly recommendable for anyone wishing for a long lasting healthy weight loss. The encouraging supportive and understanding weekly calls with Daley has enabled me to be sensible throughout normal life events such as holidays, celebrations even bereavement. I have not been an ideal client as there have been many ups and down for me. I have lost just over a stone in weight which is about halfway for me and have significantly lost inches from my waist and hips. The menu combinations have really helped my IBS and food intolerances tackling bloating and discomfort. The various stages of the programme will continue to support this and have been invaluable in getting me back on course after occasional slip ups. I am an active sixty year old and have learnt so many things I wish I had known years ago. The principles of the programme will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Sian - Glangrwyney

The metabolic weight loss plan is very well structured and easy to follow. Once i had got used to the rather restricted food lists and committed myself to drinking 2 litres of water a day, the weight started to drop off. The suggestions made to cope with Cramps,Constipation etc are very helpful. I have lost about 2 stone over 6 months which is very enthusing and hopefully has reversed my diabetes! Thank you Mike,Rachel & Daley for all your help and support.

Catherine Wheatcroft - Stow on the Wold

This was great, all the support needed was offered. I will recommend this to anyone who wants to get results.

Cheryl - London

To date I have lost over 15 pounds. My energy levels have improved and its wonderful to wear clothes in a smaller size. I have tried many diets before and failed but Rachel's diet worked for me. I had fantastic support as I did go down many times and without support I do not think I'll be writing this message, Thank you Daley, Rachel and the team.


I have never been able to diet properly as my will power has been non existent. The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme changed all that as the menus are varied and you can actually make some lovely meals. The different stages are very clear and well explained. The support is great and weekly calls with Daley made it even easier to stay on the plan with his positivity and knowledge, praising my successful weight loss. I also feel confident that I can continue with the new way of eating once I have completed the programme. This is a diet so a change of eating habits needs to be embraced. As I am nearing the end of my desired weight loss I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I have lost 2 stone in 6 months and now enjoy a wardrobe of clothes I thought I would never fit into again, thank goodness I kept them! The compliments I have received have been a real boost to keep me going on the programme and, although it changes your eating habits, I found that some foods I would have readily tucked in to previously don't taste as good so will not be missed. The 2 litres of water per day only works for me if I drink carbonated water as I generally hate water. So, a slice of lemon and carbonated water is a refreshing drink and easy to consume to reach the target per day. My positives from the programme are: I can't believe how much weight I have lost, how great it makes me feel, fitting into my beloved clothes again (without that tight uncomfortable feeling), more energy, having a better knowledge of my eating habits. I have a few more pounds to loose and could not be happier. Ask me if my bum looks big in this? The answer is most definitely NO!

Sydney - Cambridge

Be the Master of your Weight! The knowledge of Daley and also the calm approach he had when explaining how to manage my eating. I am now aware of how to control and lose weight, and even how I can remedy my weight when I have an off day. I would recommend to those who have a problem with weight or want to know how to lose/control their weight gain.

Marilena - Hounslow

This was a fantastic experience. I lost the weight I wanted to lose but I also felt totally supported throughout the process and into the maintenance. It takes effort, as all worthwhile things do, but if this programme is for you, one can't recommend it highly enough. Well done to the entire team.

Nancy - Wivelsfield

I would highly recommend this program and I am very happy I found it. I have lost 2stone 3lbs to date. I look and feel so much better after struggling for years with diets that did not work. The program is easy to follow and stick to. No fads healthy eating and a lifestyle change. The support from Daley is excellent and the weekly phonecalls keep you focused. Also the emails with recipes, tips, podcasts and other peoples success stories are very motivating. Go for it !!!

Beth - Nottingham

The Metabolic Weight Loss programme does exactly what it says on the tin. It is the last diet you will ever do because it is not a diet but a way of eating and works effectively to reach your weight loss goal and teaches you how to keep the weight off forever with no fuss. Only normal foods are on this programme. It’s simplicity itself. The support from Rachel and her team is amazing from day one and you will find that as the weight constantly comes off week in week out you are spurred on to continue. If there are any bumps along the road of your weight loss journey everything you need is at your fingertips and you can send them a query and you will usually receive a very quick response.

Anna Singer - Crawley

I would really recommend giving this a try for people who feel they can’t get their weight under control on their own. I have always struggled with my weight throughout my life. I’ve been a healthy normal weight plenty of times, only to then pile on 4-5 stone without really being able to stop myself. Once I’ve done that, it’s very difficult to get myself back under control and find the motivation to get myself back to feeling my best again. I’ve been losing weight since August on this plan and have dropped three stone in around three months. There are two big things that have helped me. Firstly, the support you get is really good and there’s a sense of accountability to keep you on track. Secondly, if you (like me) are the kind of person who wishes someone would just tell you what to eat, then this plan will help you with that! There are plenty of food options and the instructions are clear and easy to follow once you get the hang of it. The food lists absolutely reduce the feeling of not knowing what to eat for the best and ending up having something unhealthy — as I always did previously. You need to find the willpower to stay on the plan and not to eat the foods or drink the drinks that will derail you, BUT the way you eat on the plan makes doing that far easier. Because I have been eating good fats and high protein, I’m no longer finding myself hungry or mindlessly snacking. Once you’re into the swing of it, it’s really easy and so satisfying. Before I was on the plan, I couldn’t have resisted my cravings in the way I can now. I’ve had calls frequently with Daley who is lovely and really understanding. There isn’t any judgement, just a genuine interest in helping you to lose weight and feel your best again. If you follow the instructions and enter the plan with an openness to changing the way you eat for the better, you will absolutely succeed. It’s well worth the cost.

Lauren - London

I would thoroughly recommend the Weight Loss Programme for anyone struggling to lose weight as I was. An individual programme was devised for me which was easy to follow, and I was supported all the way. The weekly support by Daley was invaluable, especially with how to cope with cravings. My health improved as well as my waistline and I no longer have acid reflux issues. Thank you to Rachel, Mike and Daley for improving my confidence and restoring my figure!

Sally Chapman - Norwich

I signed up for the Weight Loss Programme. Got wonderful support which helped me to understand the programme and stick to it. I lost over a stone very quickly - I feel and look so much better and enjoying buying a new younger looking wardrobe. Thank you Daley.

Annie Rogerson - Glasgow

Absolutely delighted with the weight loss resulting from using this programme. So simple and easy to follow plus the weekly phone calls keep me on track . I can’t thank the team enough ! If I can do it , anyone can .


I can not fault Rachel in any direction whilst I was doing The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme. She was encouraging, non-judgmental, and totally supporting in every area during my journey and any queries I had were always answered with precision and kindness. I really enjoyed my weekly meetings with Rachel and we always shared a laugh and a joke, as I ventured into my new way of eating and noticed it wasn't at all long before I had more energy, was sleeping better and my clothes were fitting again, and now I'm in the process of having a few dresses and tops taken in. Now, having finished the course, which I did slowly over a period of six months, I'm moving ahead with all my new knowledge and support I've had to keep the weight off and continue to feel good ! Thank you Rachel, Mike and the Team

Ginny - Crowborough

I joined Rachel Ricketts 5 weeks ago and am really happy with the support provided. I am 31 and wanted to ensure the programme could be tailored to my lifestyle of being .. 31! Within the 5 weeks, I've managed to loose 4.5kgs and maintain my social lifestyle. Without the tailoring of the programme and regular support of Daley, I wouldn't have achieved the weight loss and would have given up when I felt I had 'failed'.

Christine - London

La creme de la creme of weight loss programmes. The Rachel Ricketts Metabolic Weight Loss Programme richly deserves its five-star rating because, in a nutshell, it really does work wonders. I have just succeeded in losing 5 stone 3lbs in just under 12 months and, overall, a total of 8 stone 8lbs having weighed a whopping 18 stone 10lbs when I was at my biggest and heaviest back in 2009. I would never have achieved this milestone without the brilliance of Rachel's tasty recipes or without all the help, support, advice, encouragement and guidance of Mike, my consultant. Our weekly consultations had to be conducted via email because, being profoundly deaf, I am unable to use the telephone but this proved to be a successful communication tool. My success has been such a good, positive life-changing experience that I am dedicating my forthcoming challenge to scale Scafell Pike at the age of 66 (a sponsored event in aid of my local branch of Cats Protection) to Mike, Rachel and Daley, without whose help this mountain climb would have been impossible and unthinkable a year ago! Thank you all a million for everything. To anyone with doubts, my advice would be, "Go for it, you definitely will never regret it. It will be one of your best-ever decisions!"

Sarah Fox - Woodbridge

At the end of January this year I was put on the waiting list for a knee replacement and I knew that I needed to lose at least two stones to feel comfortable undergoing this op. I have now so far lost two stones with the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme. I certainly have more energy and feel so much better in myself. I am grateful for all the help and support I have received over the last months as I know that I couldn’t have achieved this weight loss on my own. Thank you, Daley.

Angela Jackson - East Grinstead

I had been bordering on pre diabetic for a number of years but somehow managed to keep my weight low enough to avoid it, that is until lockdown. This is when it seemed I was losing control, I was over 12 half stone bordering a size 20 and things were not good. I read about The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme and realised at 72, it was my metabolism that was the problem, as I was finding it increasingly to lose weight. By following The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme I lost over 2 stone on the programme. It wasn’t just about eating differently but the constant support of Daley that made the difference with my weight loss.

Mary Campbell - London

I can not recommend this program enough. Easy to follow, results for me were steady but consistent. I have never felt better. I have lost over 2 and a half stone, my thyroxine medication has been reduced. I have more energy and am wearing clothes that I have not worn in years, as well as having to buy new items as I dropped two dress sizes. The weekly calls I had with Daley were uplifting and informative, he was always there with great tips and advice.

Krescia - Cowley

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