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The following testimonials are presented as they were written by our clients. Any specific weight loss figures given are their personal experience, and they should not be taken as specific claims for the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme.

Doable even if you are the busiest person. As a mum of two young kids (3 yrs old and 6 months at the time) committing to a diet program gave me uncertainties. I kept thinking: "how on earth will I find time and energy for that?!". But after the initial phase, which as anything in life requires adaptation and willpower, it turned out to be really easy and with the close support of Daley and Rachel, this diet has proven to be not only doable when you have a busy lifestyle but very straight forward. They really make it tailored to your needs. I am so glad I did that for myself. After 4 months I am slimmer than I was before my first child. The food changes are sensible, which make it sustainable. Two months after finishing it I am 2kg lower than my original target and the cravings for sweets (my weakness) are just not there anymore. I can't recommend the weight loss program enough. It's feasible, doable, efficient and it will give you much more than the need of a new wardrobe.

Rachel Peroba -London

This personalised weight loss program has changed my life! I have never stuck to a ‘diet’ and this is so personal to me that I don’t see it as a diet, it’s a way of life, that is perfect for me! The team go above and beyond and their communication and help is nothing short of phenomenal. I used to dread getting dressed and would look for clothes that hid my body. This was not good to be so suppressed by fat as I am an actress. I can now share my art with the world and I love being on Film. I am so creative with my clothes and I look stunning. I’ve lost 4 stone in 4 months and I am super confident. I can now meet my husband as I am what he will need and want! A stunning wife! I’m so happy and so stable! I am no longer suppressed by fat and I am flourishing in life as the beautiful Actress I always dreamed to be!

Francesca Tremaine - Leeds

Easy plan to follow with a really good outcome. I have tried many diets in the past with limited success loosing initially then coming to a halt. With this diet you continue to loose weight on a regular basis which is encouraging. I feel and look a lot better and it has given me a lot more confidence.

Vivienne Wood - Stamford

I have been on the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme since late April and have lost 37 pounds so far and gone down 3 dress sizes! I feel better and I certainly look better and the best part is it isn't difficult to do. It is about changing your attitude to food and eating permitted food in realistic portions but its not faddy or complicated and is very manageable in social situations. I love the fact that you get a weekly phone call to check progress and answer questions as it feels that you are well supported throughout. You are given recipes to try and are sent helpful e mails so you never feel you are doing this in isolation. I am someone who has been dieting for most of my adult life with limited success.I genuinely feel that this programme has changed my approach to food. Success is celebrated and all in all I would recommend Rachel Ricketts weight loss programme to anyone who is serious about losing weight.

Sandie Miller - London

I feel so much better mentally and physically. I initially tried this diet a few years ago and lost some weight , but I never completed the Programme , and slipped back in to old habits. Having problems with my general health, sleeping poorly , painful knees due to OA and often using a stick , irritable bowels, eating and drinking too much and generally completely fed up , I knew I had to do something. I decided to give the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme another try , I'm so glad that I did. It is a clear concise programme in 3 stages , well set out and easy to follow, eating real proper" food at regular meal times. The ongoing support from the team is invaluable, and I especially want to say Thank You to Daley for his encouragement and help during weekly contacts, just to have someone say "well done" " your doing good " is great . In 5months I have lost 12kgs , I feel so much better both mentally and physically, I sleep well, have more energy, my mobility has improved so much I walk everyday and cannot remember last time I used my walking sticks . I cannot recommend this programme enough, I know some people may think its too expensive , for the programme itself the ongoing 1to1 support, and the ability to adjust the programme to your specific needs , I think its worth it, and it works . Team you are amazing , thank you.

Sarah Ferguson - Stafford

Can't Recommend highly enough. I have always been careful with what I ate, and monitored my weight. However, when I took early retirement to look after my grandsons I took my eye off the ball. I was fed up with being careful, and so decided I would just eat what I wanted. Big mistake. With the weight beginning to pile on we went into lockdown, and I started to get bigger and bigger, and to feel very uncomfortable. I decided to take back control, and found the metabolic weight loss diet online. After speaking to Mike on the phone, I went ahead. It was one of the best decisions I have made. The diet is easy to follow, and I liked the fact that I could tailor it to my preferences for meals. For instance I don’t eat red meat, so could have chicken and fish instead, as well as the fruit and vegetables I prefer. The weight has fallen off, I have lost two and a half stones in 5 months to reach my target weight. My cholesterol which was high has come down to well within the correct limit, and I have been able to come off the acid reflux medication I have been taking for around 10 years. My IBS has also eased considerably. I have always thought previously that bread and pasta etc didn’t agree with me, and this diet has proved that to be correct. The weekly phone calls with Daley have been a great help in keeping me on the straight and narrow. I would recommend this diet to anyone who finds dieting difficult, I have never been on a diet where I have had such a successful weight loss in such a short time.

Geraldine Porter - Bishops Stortford

This is how everybody should lose weight. This is a common-sense long-term effective and healthy programme. I’ve lost over 2 stone and feel better and healthier. You learn about yourself, about food, habits and tips. It gives you solid tools in a realistic and effective pace, to create long standing results. It provides you with useful information and friendly, understanding support.

Clara Pastor - Greater London

I signed up for the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme and it was the best thing I could have done. I am 87 and have tried so many diets but always unsuccessful. The Programme is so easy to follow and have been losing weight steadily every week. I suffer with osteoarthritis mainly in my back, but since losing weight I am not in so much pain, and find I have more energy, its made a great difference to me.

Edna Cox - Aylesford

What a revelation Rachel's programme has been! I started on the 28th April and on the 19th August im 9kg (20 pounds) lighter! Since having had my second child, the weight has piled on and nothing I tried to loose weight worked... until I decided to join the Metabolic Weight loss team! I cannot lie, the first few weeks were hard, I have hit some plateaus but Rachel and Daley's support was fantastic! They never judge, they never tell you off but they always offer some positive and very helpful suggestions on how to change things slightly to make every struggle disappear. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the programme to anyone who wants to lose weight for good!

Livia Onerati - Switzerland

I can really recommend this weight loss programme. I have lost a stone in 12 weeks and have not been hungry once because the programme allows you to lose weight gradually. They helped devise an eating plan that suited me and supported me with a phone call every week and now I feel I can make better choices to keep the weight off!

Jean Rowley - Surbiton

Where have you been all my life?? This has been the weight management programme I had been waiting for for many years! During the programme I have found my diverticular problems to be much reduced, acid reflux has virtually disappeared, and the most wonderful result I have had is that, to date, I have lost over 3 stones in weight ! I now have enhanced senses of taste and smell . I definitely sleep much better too. The plan guided me through the phases of the Metabolic Weight loss programme, which after a few days came naturally to me. Obviously the support I have received from Daley and Rachel has kept me focused, and on the right track if any issues or problems had appeared. This has all been invaluable for me, and I can say that I have thoroughly enjoyed being a "loser" ! I shall continue on the programme to lose more weight, and hopefully, with the help of the Plan, maintain that very important weight-loss. Thank you so much to the team, without whom , I would still have been Yoyo dieting, frustrated, and depressed about my size and weight.

Sharon Wright Dawson - Clitheroe

I would recommend this diet to anyone who finds what worked for them before when wanting to lose weight isn’t working for them now! I found the diet itself easy in its simplicity and especially liked it being tailored to my age, life-style, likes & dislikes. My weekly calls with Daley were especially helpful when I needed advice or just a ‘well done’. It really does do what it says on ‘the box’, I have lost 16lbs in 3 months in a healthy & stress free way. Thank you to all at Rachel Ricketts for helping me regain my confidence again.

Fiona Dempsey - Warfield

Too old to diet? At 75 I didn't consider dieting, I was overweight with very sore knees. My daughter introduced me to the Rachels diet clinic. What a revelation!! After a lifetime of unsuccessful dieting, this really worked. But this is more than a diet, it's a different way of looking at food. I have never eaten that much and have lost two stones, Thank you for your brilliant well researched and presented "metabolic eating plan" Thank you Daley for your humor and support. You made your weekly phone calls a delight, And my knees? Surgery is now out of the question, I am now almost symptom free.

Maggie Evans - Hastings

The weight loss programme is very structured and simple to follow. It is a sustainable and effective way to lose weight using whole foods. The programme is educative and is one that can be used in daily life. The focus is on healthy eating and the programme does not rely on diet foods or shakes. It can also be tailored for individual needs which I found very helpful. The support offered on the programme is invaluable and helps to keep you on track with your weight loss.

Hannah - London

6 months ago I began my journey into the new life that is now unbelievable for me!! I have lost 5 stone so far and I am working on losing 5 more !! With the help and support from Rachel I am doing this - the encouragement and each medal I receive makes me want to carry on - I have learnt a new way of living and I feel great! Thank you Rachel 😊 xx

Clare Little - St Helier

After many, many years of trying various diets and my weight going up and down I had sort of given up the idea that I could be slim. And then a friend recommended Rachel Ricketts Weight Loss Consultancy after her amazing weight loss. Seeing how fantastic she looked motivated me to sign up. It was a big commitment financially but I felt supported from the very first consultation. The diet is easy to follow and IT WORKS!! It wasn't always easy - there were times, especially at the beginning when I was hungry and had cravings but Daley was fantastic and patiently talked through each hurdle. The weight dropped off at a steady rate and when people started to notice it was very motivating and I became more determined to keep going. There were some weeks when the scales didn't move but the general trend was downwards. Having now lost 12kg I am finally at my target weight. I have dropped 3 dress sizes and feel amazing. I sleep better and have less aches and pains. I feel confident that I will be able to maintain this. THANK YOU everyone at the Weight Loss Consultancy especially Daley. I couldn't have done it without your support!

Louise Manson - Milton Keynes

Wow! I am amazed at how successful I have been on this programme. I knew I needed to do SOMETHING to lose weight but I didn't want to do shakes and meal replacements (I've done that before - even been a Weight Loss Consultant doing this...!). I was unsure at first whether I should do this programme because, prior to starting, I had been losing the same 3lbs each week for eight months. I would lose 3lbs by Weds and then my body would fight back and I would just need to eat and eat and eat till I got back to the original weight. I began to think "that's it - mid-50s menopausal weight gain is here to stay" but I decided to try Rachel's programme and it has been so simple and effective! I eat plant-based so, basically, I went for the vegan option. The variety of food for vegans and non-vegans is more than substantial. I have not been hungry; I don't even have cravings anymore! I haven't been going to the gym or exercising. I just followed the programme. The weekly support from Daley has been soooo encouraging and, what can I say, 14lbs gone in just four weeks??!!! Thanks to you all - really appreciate this programme and the support!!

Marjorielyn - South Ockendon

As an elderly lady I have tried my share of diets and quick fixes. Some worked better than others but all had the same problem - the excess weight returned. The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme is, in my opinion, so different that I don't see it as a diet but an introduction to a better lifestyle and healthier future. Covid had the blame for all the extra pounds and excuses. Then one day I woke up and looked in the mirror and said: "Don't kid yourself - you are responsible for not taking back control!" It is such an easy plan to follow and one to stick to with amazing recipes on hand. So healthy! You are never alone as there is always help at hand and consultations to give you motivation. A huge thanks to Daley and the team.

Valerie Rennie - Portugal

I started with the weight loss programme at the end of 2020 after putting on tons of weight during lockdown. The weight loss programme, and Daley’s weekly encouraging check ins, enabled me to reverse the trend and get back on the right track. I still have a way to go but I feel much more confident and healthy and feel I am moving in the right direction and will get there.

Joanna Chew - London

I cannot recommend them highly enough. After years of yo yo dieting I found it incredibly easy to lose the weight and it doesn't feel like a diet. I have lost a total of 17lbs and although I haven't quite reached my goal, I feel confident I will get there. I couldn't have done it without Daley's support and encouragement.

Gillian Heel - Clanfield

Some 7 weeks ago, I looked in the mirror and knew it was high time to 'get a grip'. I contacted Rachel Ricketts Weight Loss Consultancy; 5 weeks later I have lost my first 16 lbs (and that included a 6 day vacation in London where I went off the rails a bit!) I am astonished at how sensible and easy to follow this programme is. It helps enormously to have Daley nudging you along of course. But no complicated recipes that require special shopping trips that we all find onerous - and impossible to stick to-in our busy lives. Cutting out bread, alcohol and free style portions teaches you to listen to your body. I am 81 years young, and am feeling great - and so much more in control. Roll on the loss of the next stone - well - all right - the next 3 stone. Now I can look in the mirror and think 'You're doing well girl - just keep going.' Thank you team Rachel for lighting my fire.

Maggie Hawley - Great Yarmouth

I can now look in the mirror without grimacing. Some 7 weeks ago, I looked in the mirror and knew it was high time to 'get a grip'. I contacted Rachel Ricketts Weight Loss Consultancy; 5 weeks later I have lost my first 16 lbs (and that included a 6 day vacation in London where I went off the rails a bit!) I am astonished at how sensible and easy to follow this programme is. It helps enormously to have Daley nudging you along of course. But no complicated recipes that require special shopping trips that we all find onerous - and impossible to stick to-in our busy lives. Cutting out bread, alcohol and free style portions teaches you to listen to your body. I am 81 years young, and am feeling great - and so much more in control. Roll on the loss of the next stone - well - all right - the next 3 stone. Now I can look in the mirror and think 'You're doing well girl - just keep going.' Thank you team Rachel for lighting my fire.

Anne Watts - Lower Tadmarton

A Life Changing Programme. Having struggled with my weight since my early twenties, this is the first time I have actually learnt about the benefits of The Metabolic Diet, and why it is important to eat the foods suggested to help maintain the weight loss. Also keeping hydrated with water, rather than alcohol! To see pounds come off week after week, is a big incentive. I feel so much better in myself, and enjoy wearing my clothes that have been in the wardrobe for some time. I am now 72 years of age, and this has been a big turning point for me. Cannot thank Daley and Rachel enough for their help and support with weekly phone calls and emails, and easy menus to prepare and enjoy.

Patricia Roberts - Coleford

I am not happy to say I have been on every diet imaginable trying to get back to a healthy weight. I am hypothyroid which makes it even harder to succeed. This has been a life changing experience which has really not been difficult. The instructions and information are very clear but the secret ingredient is the weekly phone calls where you can ask questions and get guidance and more information to help you understand exactly what works and why. Thank you to Daley and the team for all the encouragement through my journey. I am so happy my sister told me about you. Best Penny

Penny Griffiths - Toronto

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