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The following testimonials are presented as they were written by our clients. Any specific weight loss figures given are their personal experience, and they should not be taken as specific claims for the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme.

I would recommend 100%. The metabolic weigh loss plan really does work. I lost 22lbs. 12.5ins and dropped 2 dress sizes! The support I received from Daley and Rachel was the key to my success. The weekly call from Daley was friendly, supportive and encouraging, having tried every diet known to man, this was the one that worked for me. I feel healthier, sleeping better and at 71years old, have more energy, and do not miss the fizzy drinks and numerous packets of crisps.

Pamela Adkins - Colchester

An excellent way to lose weight. Have really enjoyed the weight loss programme. I didn’t think I would ever be able to lose such an amount of weight. The encouragement and professionalism together with the friendly way it is delivered is excellent. Daley my consultant has been brilliant and so helpful and kind when things have not been going as well as they could have and got me back on track.

Liz Machan - Hurstpierpoint

I wish Rachel Ricketts Weight Loss Consultancy had been around 30 years ago! After 30 years of trying the latest diet only to put the lost weight back on again plus some more, I was wondering where I was heading. The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme is well presented and simple to follow. It provided me with a clear new and easy way of eating. I couldn't believe how effortlessly I switched from binge eating to following the programme without feeling hungry and eating delicious meals. I was thrilled at the amount of weight I lost over a relatively short time. What makes this programme outstanding is the weekly telephone calls I had with Daley - a superb coach, who not only answers any questions you may have, but also gives advice and encouragement and makes the programme tailor-made to suit your own individual needs. I know that I will keep the 23lbs weight I lost off for once and for all and also continue to enjoy eating healthy delicious meals.

Caroline Lever - Barnet

Most comprehensive and effective diet I've ever tried. I found this diet really worked for me where other ones just didn't suit my hectic lifestyle. It was easy to get going and the gradual exclusion of forbidden foods helped me to get to the right place for weight loss and stay there. I've lost 2 stone and kept it off for at least 3 months. The team at the weight loss centre were on hugely encouraging, even during 'off' weeks and my mentor Daley was always on hand for support. I strongly recommend you give it a go!

Sarah Thompson - Tonbridge

Achieving happiness!! It was lockdown and I was on my own and then I phoned Rachel she changed my life for the better. Firstly to speak to a very caring lady who talked me through the Metabolic Weight Programme .Rachel filled me with confidence. Then Daley phoned every week and gave me so much motivation helping me with my weight loss and even said to phone him if having a bad week .Over the moon to say I have lost 24lbs in 6 months and will continue the programme. I am so delighted to have met Rachel ,Daley and the team and know I can approach them in the future. Coming out of lockdown size 12 and throwing size 16s out is a dream come true pure happiness !!!!

Joanna Murphy - Edinburgh

I would highly recommend Rachel's plan to anyone who is struggling to lose weight. I'm 33 and have yo-yoed for almost 20 years. I thought this would be just another fad diet - i was wrong! You are given knowledge about why you are eating the kind of foods on this diet. You're not just told you can't eat this or that and not understand why. Rachel really educated me about food and it's effects and I now believe I have cracked my problem with food and will continue to lose weight effortlessly. I really enjoy Rachel's diet and will continue to use the skills I've learnt to keep losing the weight!

Gemma Harris - East Grinstead

I started the weight loss programme in May 2020, feeling quite unhealthy, and found the support on it most helpful, from Daley with whom I spoke once a week, and emailed when I was able to. His positive ideas were beneficial to my progress. I found the restricted diet hard to enjoy, but found a new liking for tinned fish, especially at Stage 3, which was to do with reintroducing foods. The regular updates from Rachel were interesting, especially the weight loss success stories, although I was not able to make much use at all, of the recipes, since I do not do the majority of the cooking in my household, and the other family member wanted only a very little of my diet themselves. By the present time (mid-April), I have lost just under 3 stone, even I have yet to reach my original goal, however, the end is a work in progress; it was also certainly a helpful option to take because of the weight loss, and I feel healthier and less sluggish.

Alan Jonas - East Grinstead

I would 100% recommend this programme as it is extremely effective and easy to follow. At 55, and a petite 5 ft 2, I've been gradually piling on weight round my midriff, despite daily walking and yoga and watching what I ate. I lost 16 lbs, 8 lbs of them in the first month! This has put me back in control and although there is a bit more toning and sculpting to go, I'm so happy with what I have achieved by following this process. The programme was very simple to follow, first of all taking you on a 7 day almost effortless withdrawal from different foods. There is always plenty you can eat and you get weekly calls and regular emails to help keep you on track. If you have been stuck with stubborn weight that you can't lose, or are post menopausal and baffled by why the weight is piling on, I would particularly recommend this as a weight loss / health enhancement programme.

Helen - St Albans

I started this Weight loss program because I wanted to start eating healthy. I did not expect to see results straight away but I started losing weight the first week. It is incredibly what I have achieved and have lost 12kg. It is an amazing program. I had problems with physical activity and this worked because I wasn’t required to have an exercise or work out program. So it suited me very well. Daley and Mike were very supportive and helpful. Daley has been amazing in his guidance and support. I could talk or message him with any questions or concerns and instantly I will have a response. I am very happy with the program and the support I received.

Sam - London

The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme is fabulous. I haven’t been this weight for 20 years. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. I used to have IBS which is now gone. I was so tired all of the time, having to sleep during the day, which I no longer have to do. I have to say I was in a bit of a mess before starting the programme but now I feel normal! It has been worth every penny. The information that I received and the support was very good. Can’t thank you enough and I can’t praise my consultant enough!

Jackie Grant - Maidstone

Excellent service with great support through weekly telephone calls and a diet plan that actually works. This is the first time in my life that I have managed to lose weight successfully. Can't thank Rachel and her team enough!

Rosemary - Cardiff

I could write reams about my success with Rachel Ricketts Weight Loss Consultancy! Suffice to say, it worked. It was the ideal programme for me because structure is key in my personality. I had failed miserably with other endeavours because they were too flexible. The support, namely Sue, was wonderful and kept me focussed when I had the odd wobble. I have no hesitation in recommending it. Incidentally, I have shrunk from size 20 to size 12 in six months and feel wonderful both physically and psychologically. Thank you Rachel, Sue and Mike.

Mary Stephen -Oxford

Thank you so much Rachel and Daley for helping me lose almost 2 stone.

Tracy Stanbury - Tunbridge Wells

A very effective weight loss programme. Personally tailored to the individual and support is excellent. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to lose weight and maintain the weight loss

Julie Turner - Chorley

I can thoroughly recommend this company, I received excellent and constant support and encouragement on a weekly basis and this kept me on track. Advice was constructive but never critical but helpful if I waivered. With the help of this company I was able to get my BMI down to a safe level on the BMI scale. I have no hesitation in recommending this company.

Mavis King -Dovercourt

November 2019, coming up to my 79 th birthday and Christmas with all the food and drink excesses. I was breathless going up stairs, swollen ankles. Help! Like an answered prayer I saw an advertisement in a magazine for the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme. Having been a nurse the scientific angle appealed to me, also the one to one weekly support. By June I had slowly lost 2 stone and felt so much better, more energetic and healthier. So grateful for all the helpful organisation, food re-education and support from Daley and the team. Heartfelt thanks to you all, highly recommend the Programme. I have had a struggle with food and overweight all my life, tried so many diets and clubs.

Anthea Kemp - Frome

I have had good results from this programme and found the diet very easy to follow. The individual phone consultations have made all the difference and helped keep me on track.

Charlotte Willoughby - Backworth

Great service. I started this weight-loss plan feeling dubious that it could work where I had not succeeded with anything else. I had resigned myself to being in my 50s and heavier. However I have managed to lose over a stone and am delighted with the results. Daley has been extremely supportive and having the check in once a week has been invaluable. I would highly recommend this service.

Annalisa - Witney

I am 84 years old. People say it is more difficult to lose weight as you get older, but this wasn’t the case for me on The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme. With the support and following this programme I have lost 2 stone. I am now wearing clothes that I could wear for the last 2-3 years. I feel I have lost a lot of bulk, especially around my stomach. The support was very helpful, I always looked forward to my phone calls. To anyone wanting to lose weight I would say give it a try!

Brenda Griffiths - Rugby

I signed up to this program as I was stuck on wrong habits. The program is easy to follow,very clear and you get lot of assistance. It is not a revolutionary diet- but it is easy to follow and it was a very reasonable regime. Daley was very helpful and supportive; I did not need a lot of help, I believe I was a low maintenance customer, but the fact that they check on you every week and you get a constant feedback is very motivating. It worked very well with me; I reached my goal without too much efforts. I hope I will be able to maintain the weight!

Paola - Cambridge

Excellent programme I tried the metabolic weight loss programme after years of doing every other diet known. I found this one worked for me as it was tailored to suit me and my needs. With the weekly calls any questions I had were addressed. I would like to thank Daley for all his help.I will be using the info received from now on.

Orla Mcintyre - Glen

Fantastic regular support and ideas for food and recipes to keep you on track. Having tried all the other diet plans available, this is the first one to give me very positive results. I am a happy lady.

Anna Randall - Irchester

An amazing plan that actually works! I am so grateful to Rachel Ricketts Weight Loss Consultancy, especially to Daley for the amazing support throughout the programme. I tried loosing weight for years, but nothing worked....and I always thought it was due to my under-active thyroid, but this plan actually worked and has helped me achieve my target weight 😁

Nadiyah Dadwal - Ilford

The programme was really insightful and I learnt a lot about myself and how to really change my behaviour around food and alcohol. Daley, my consultant was fantastic and super helpful and have to say - really patient with me and all my questions. I would recommend this programme to anyone who is looking for help with weight loss whether it be after having children, going through peri-menopause and is struggling with all the diets out there. I am feeling much happier about my body size (I can even fit into my skinny jeans again) and generally more energetic. Thank you so much Daley :-) you have been a star!

Idalina - Addlestone

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