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The following testimonials are presented as they were written by our clients. Any specific weight loss figures given are their personal experience, and they should not be taken as specific claims for the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme.

That was a U-turn in my life to myself a many years ago. I not only lost 8 kg for 3 months but learned a lot what my body needs and how to love myself again. I got a great support for Daley, my consultant who was patient with me and tried to answer to all my tricky questions. I look great, I feel great and receive a lot’s of compliments. What can woman dream, I got it! I highly recommend this programme who wants to discover the way to lose weight, to look younger, to feel better through the undiscovered food that we all know. Thank you so much! It was a real U-turn to myself!

Iryna Hope - Slough

This diet has proved to be the best ever for me, I had weekly support from my consultant Daley who helped me to understand what causes weight gain and how best to control that. It has enabled me to find alternative foods which satisfy my hunger rather than having cravings when I would eat all the wrong food. So if you have tried all other diets ? Try this one "IT WORKS".

Ingi Livingston - Calne

I would like to thank Rachel, Daley and the team for all the support you have given me. Thanks also for the recipes. I have lost 36lbs and am hoping to lose another 1/2stone once we are out of the current health problem. I have not been able to lose weight easily as I have a mobility problem. I have found the plan very educational about foods that we eat. Now I know what I can't eat so will avoid them in the future. This is my new life style eating plan. Many thank to Daley for his cheerful weekly encouragement.

Pauline Swallow - Watford

I would like to thank you Rachel, and Daley, for all the support you have given me in losing my initial target of one and a half stone! I've learnt so much about food and my reactions to it! I decided to try to lose another half a stone but have been struggling - then the virus happened and stress, which is one of my main problems, kicked in! However, I have managed not to gain any weight so far, and am still hoping to tackle that last half a stone as soon as I can! Thank you again for your support.

Janice Le Grys - Hassocks

This has been a brilliant method of weight loss. I have not found it difficult and with the support from my mentor I have lost over three stone in weight. I am so thrilled to look and feel so good and this brings a new confidence, not to mention the positive effect to my health. I want to say a huge thank you to all at Rachel Ricketts and I am just so pleased I took the step to follow the plan, which I have to say is quite straight forward to follow. To any who are wondering if to give it a try I would say just go for it !!

Heather Robey - Haverhill

It seemed quite a drastic diet to start with & I was unsure that it was the diet for me, however after persevering for the first couple of weeks, I couldn’t believe how much more energy I had, & wondered why I hadn’t found out about this diet before. I lost the weight from around my middle which at the age of 51 thought it was virtually impossible. I have lost 9kg so far & 10cm off my waist. It has made me look at food in a different way, I am more conscious of what I’m eating & what to eat to avoid feeling hungry. I would still like to lose a little more weight, but I’m confident that now I have adopted this way of eating this will be achievable by sticking to the basic principles. The weekly support was really helpful & non-judgemental. I love the interaction through WhatsApp, with recipe ideas & inspiration, offering the comfort of knowing that help is always at hand.

Jane - Portugal

Apprehensive at start because of the price, read all reviews, took some time to think about joining , it was worth it. Excellent support from all, by phone or email. Not a cook, recipes they sent were very good. Excellent diet, easy to follow, not at all hungry. Lost so far 19lbs, Tried every diet known to man, but this one works. Would recommend spending the money. So if any of you are thinking about it, go for it you wont regret it.

Noreen Wiseman - Banf

Your diet has helped me lose a lot of weight safely and healthily. I have never been hungry and I have received excellent support and advice from my Consultant. Thank you. I would recommend this approach to anyone who wants to lose weight and stay healthy. Valerie

Valerie Bardsley Jones - Buxton

I have learn so much from this program. I am not a very discipline person and not a very patient one either. I have never succeeded in loosing weight because I am also easily led. But this time being led in a right direction was a great success. I have lost 17 pounds, finished the program and I am still enjoying the same food. I learned that like everything in life has consequences and food included. This program made me healthier which was my target and better appearance was the bonus. Thank for Daley for being there and always ready to help.

Daniella Schiller - Colby

After struggling with menopausal weight gain for the last three years and trying lots of different diets, I had given up hope of ever losing the excess weight. I discovered Rachel Ricketts on the Internet and have not looked back. I have lost one and a half stones in 16 weeks and am now four pounds below my original target weight. My partner also decided to do the diet with me and he has lost nearly two stones. The diet did involve cutting out one or two things, which I thought were healthy options that I had been eating, which was a shock, but Rachel explained how certain foods affect the way the body deals with insulin causing fat storage. It has therefore been a learning curve for me. I have enjoyed the diet and my mindset has been changed totally regarding food and I now look forward to my treats rather than just taking them for granted. Rachel has been an absolute star in explaining everything and I look forward to her weekly calls as she is an absolute inspiration. I would highly recommend doing this diet, as if I can do it anyone can, and it actually works!

Lisa Jones - Lichfield

The Weight Loss Centre with Rachel and her team has been a very positive experience for me. I have lost 31 pounds in 26 weeks. It has not been overly hard you just need to be focused and their telephone support helps with that. Many thanks for making me feel better about myself!

Elizabeth Sharp - York

Thank you to the Rachel Ricketts Weight Loss Programme. 'm indebted to Daley's support, patience and encouragement. To me this is not a weight loss program per se, it is a lifestyle that I can attest has given me more energy to cope at work, boost in immunity and able to thrive under pressure.

Geraldine Yaze - St Albans

I’m delighted to say after 5 months on The Metabolic Weight Programme I have lost 2 1/2 stones and feel so very much better, fitter and energized. Any knee pain and stiffness has gone and the weight loss has been achieved by sensible and disciplined eating. Guidance and support by Rachel and Sue on a weekly basis has been invaluable and reinforced my goal setting.

Sheila D -Moray

I am really pleased that I am doing The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme and have lost an amazing 27lbs so far. Having tried so many other diets I can’t believe I have got to this weight with this programme - having always struggled with my weight – as I haven’t been this weight for at least 12 years! I’m now getting into clothes I have loved but not been able to get into for years and even my arthritis has improved. I received just the right amount of invaluable support from Sue my consultant, which was given with only understanding and without judgement. It was easy to follow the diet as everything was very clearly laid out so I knew exactly what I could and couldn't eat. I will certainly continue to follow the basic rules of the diet to maintain my weight as I’m so very pleased with the results.

Margaret Muir - Reading

You have given me a diet for life. I’m really delighted to say that my weight is stable at just under 11 stone. I’ve been able to maintain it at this for a year now, so can’t tell you how happy I am, as with previous diets the weight always started to creep up again. I’ve so much more energy and everyone keeps telling me how great I look. You really have given me a diet for life - thank you so much!

Gail Chorley - Guildford

The Best Eating Plan Ever! I have been absolutely delighted with this incredibly effective and easy transformation of my eating habits. The programme is really healthy, it involves only real food ( no disgusting meal replacements!) and is completely sustainable. It relies on removing carbs, sugars and chemical additives - I have never known the weight drop off so quickly. This programme should be available on the NHS. I can't thank you enough!

Anne - Sowerrby Bridge

Wish I had found you years ago! The program worked very well for me. Over the years I had been trying all sorts of things to lose weight but nothing was working. That was until I found The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme and delighted to say that I have lost 19 kilos with following it! I couldn’t fault the programme, it was very sensible, worked out very well for

Sheila - Pickering

Having tried various diets over the years this has been the most successful for me. Iparticularly liked the recipes provided as they were easy to follow and did not involve a lot of ingredients and were quick to make. I lost the weight I wanted and am extremely happy with the results. I feel I will be able to keep on track by referring back to the stages if necessary.

Helen Argo - Corby

Thanks for great service and great support! I can’t believe how easy the plan was to follow and I lost weight every week. Thanks also to Daley for the weekly support. Well worth it in my opinion. I have lost 21 lbs and I am thrilled.

Yvonne Vine - Gorseinon

I am really really pleased with The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme. This has been by far the easiest way for me to lose weight. I was told that with an underactive thyroid at 81 years old I wouldn’t be able to lose weight! I am happy to say that this is not the case as I was able to lose a stone. I can now wear clothes that I couldn’t wear for years! I say it’s never too late to lose weight with The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme! I got on very well with Daley, my consultant, who was very understanding and caring. The support was great. Thank you very much for everything.

Phillipa Jakes - Newton

Great weight loss programme, I would recommend it to anyone as it is relatively easy to follow and most importantly it works! Great support, a special thanks to Daley my consultant on this journey 🙂.

Claudia - London

Starting the New Year lighter, fitter and feeling good. I am so glad I saw the advert for your programme. At 64 and with an underactive thyroid I had more or less resigned myself to staying at the weight I had allowed to creep on over the last 18 months. All the old things that used to work for me to lose weight no longer did the trick. Having been on the programme for approximately 13 weeks I am now starting the New Year lighter, fitter and feeling really good. The programme has opened my eyes to a different, healthier way of eating which suits me well and I am confident I will be able to maintain my new weight following the management stage.

Pauline - Blythe Bridge

Great support, very easy to follow diet, and NEVER felt hungry.

Graine Hartley - Birdham

I cannot believe that after “dieting” on and off for most of my life, I have not only now reached my target weight, I’ve smashed it AND kept it all off....I feel as though I have been let into the worlds’ biggest kept secret; how to lose weight easily and without feeling deprived. Every step of the way, I was supported and guided by Rachel’s friendly team; Daley being an absolute gem who understood me and was always there for me. Worth every penny ....what have you got to lose.? Only fat and flab I reckon.

Karen Smith - Norton

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