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The following testimonials are presented as they were written by our clients. Any specific weight loss figures given are their personal experience, and they should not be taken as specific claims for the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme.

It gave me everything that I hoped for! After having tried for years to lose weight, I have finally succeeded! My weight loss of 25lbs exceeded all expectations. I was never hungry and the recipes were very good. Now have a good understanding of what to eat for fat burning and to slow down the fat stage process. I always used to put on weight with stress, but now, I no longer do so. Finally, have the knowledge to lose and maintain my weight! Couldn't have done this without the programme and support. Thrilled to bits.

Sue Westhill - Crawley Down

I needed to lose weight before my son’s wedding this summer so decided to sign up. The Weight Loss Programme is very easy to follow, healthy eating all the way! It has been easy to fit the eating plans around work schedules. The support during the programme was brilliant, thank you Sue for your weekly calls at a time to suit me. I have reached my target weight and am determined to keep it off. I look better, am sleeping better and feel so much better mentally. Now to find that dress! Thank you so much Mike, Rachel and Sue!

Sally Chapman - Norfolk

I have struggled with my weight for all my adult life. Following this plan have changed my life. The weekly support at a time convenient to me was superb. The eating plan is straightforward and the weight loss results are amazing. No gimmicks just sensible eating.

Lynn Salter - Wokingham

I would like to thank Sue my encouraging telephone consultant for all the support she has given me for probably ten weeks!! Wow!! Where did that time go?? Probably went to the same place as my weight- just melted away!! When I signed up I said I would be amazed if I managed to lose ONE stone. I’ve been a yo yo dieter for over twenty years- I’ve tried them all & each one was harder to succeed. I have blamed the HRT I’ve been on for 27 years following a hysterectomy. I’ve proved myself wrong I’m so happy to say. With the help of the weekly phone calls from Rachel and then Sue I have lost 24 lbs and 14 inches so far. I am going to continue with Stage 2 because I find this way of life is very easy to stick to. I don’t have cravings for chocolate, cake or alcohol. I feel and look so much better. I sleep better too. I’m loving fitting into clothes I haven’t been able to get into for years. I have even bought some Size 12 dresses which I’ve had to put darts in !!! Unbelievable!!! Thanks to Rachel, Sue and the team I feel marvellous. Sheena

Sheena Wiffen - Horsham

What an amazing plan this is. The support from my consultant Sue has been fantastic, a kindred spirit. Have found that this plan works for me, after years of feeling a failure on other diets. It fits around the rest of the family so meals are not a problem. Thank you for giving my life back am now in a happy place.

Carolyn Scott - Steyning

Fantastic results! I really didn't expect much when I started. I'm in my mid-60s and know weight loss is usually much harder the older you get. I wanted to lose 3 stone but would have been happy with one. I lost over 6lbs the first week and reached my ambitious target in just over 3 months. I ended up losing over 4 stone and have gone from a size 18-20 down to a 12-14. I don't really like calling it a diet as it became a way of life. The regular support helped me keep my focus and made me feel a valued individual. It's been over 6 months now and my weight has stayed stable. I still keep my food diary and weigh myself regularly once a week, which helps keep me on track. I've kept to the general principles I learnt and feel so much healthier and have much more energy - which my husband noticed when I happily played football with my grandsons. Thank you so much Rachel and the team!

Gail - Ludlow

This is a well structured and east to follow programme that delivers. I lost 3 stone in weight and understand how I can maintain my target weight. I'm 70 years old and needed to lose weight before hip surgery and general health improvement. I achieved all I wanted because the programme is well thought through, well structured and uses what I can only describe as "food science" with it not being difficult to understand or follow. Like anything else, it offers a promise which delivers ONLY if YOU follow the advice. Be determined!

Paul Clutterbuck - Emsworth

I am now a changed person. Believe me you can achieve incredible weight loss easily with this supportive programme; I received telephone calls each week, at an arranged time, from my lovely consultant. The commitment is there from day one along with the motivation to succeed. My husband joined me in the weight loss journey and as we both have a scientific background can understand the research that Rachel has put into the Programme and can understand why this approach works. I have struggled with my weight throughout my adult life all due to various hormonal changes we women endure! This is the only Programme that I have been so successful with and I didn’t feel hungry! I am now a changed person, I am energetic, enjoy walking now that my arthritis has improved due to my new eating habits and I am wearing clothes a size 14 rather than a 20! You should embark on your journey and like me you will have the knowledge to not only shed those pounds, but know how to keep them off for life. Regarding my husband, he is now fitter than he has ever been in his life!! We are both enjoying the compliment of being told how much younger we look.

Tricia - London

My weight loss journey started about 36 years ago after the birth of my three children. To say I have tried every diet known to man is no exaggeration, none worked. I did lose weight but after reaching a target (or just giving up through sheer hunger) the weight always came back plus more. I have always been an active person which made the weight gain even more frustrating. Gradually over the last few years I began to feel less healthy, less motivated – poor sleep pattern with the addition of an auto-immune condition. I read Rachel’s advert in the Index Magazine and contemplated it more than once. Then in January when shopping for an outfit for my son’s wedding in September, the chosen dress size 18 would not zip up. I decided to contact the Weight Loss Centre. Following my initial consultation with Rachel, I felt at last equipped to tackle my weight once and for all. It has been eight weeks – I have lost over 1½ stones and the programme has, I am sure, permanently changed my eating habits and has given me tremendous extra energy – I would recommend it to anyone.

C. W. from Sussex

Alexander and I never thought that we would ever successfully reduce our weight and be able to keep it off. It was seeing your advertisement in Sussex Life which made us pick up the phone. The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme which you explained to us at our first meeting seemed to make greater sense then the alternatives. We were most impressed by your dedication and your explanation of what was involved, so that we then had no hesitation in making the decision to begin the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme. The cost became much more realistic when spread over the weeks of the course compared with diet clubs and we had the one-to-one support, 7 days a week if needed, which was impressive and what we were looking for. We lost our appetite for potatoes, bread, chocolate and alcohol quite easily and still have no desire for them. Having been heavy wine drinkers all of our lives we have hardly had a glass since we started! We oldies (nearly 75 and 77) now feel much more alert and physically able than at the start, in fact the benefits were already being felt after the first stone. Before calling on you, Alexander had struggled to maintain his weight below 18 stone. He now weighs 12 stone 9lb. We both feel 100% better and we are enjoying a greater life with the grandchildren (without feeling exhausted), which is of huge benefit. We find the weight maintenance advice in stage 4 extremely helpful and re-read it constantly to keep on target. The one-to-one weekly visits have been invaluable and you have given encouragement and good advice. Finally, but most important, we would like to thank you both very much indeed for all your help and kindness to us. We have always looked forward to our weekly visits and found your support invaluable. We would not hesitate to recommend you.

S. and A. from West Sussex

Easy to follow - no pain. I never feel hungry and I really liked what I ate on the programme. Works wonders if you follow it. I lost 10kg which I am very happy with. With the support of Rachel, I was able to lose the weight - which I had never been able to do by myself. It’s a very good way of living, not really a diet, just how we should be eating!

Lotty Cooper - Hove

At 73 yrs, I am thrilled to have lost nearly 3 stone on Rachel's programme. My blood sugar is lower, and the loss of weight has given me the opportunity to play 18 holds of golf again as my arthritic foot is asked to walk on. I feel smarter in my new clothes, having given my others to charity; and generally feel happier. The essential, positive telephone and email support has motivated me to say on the plan, and has given me a new way of looking at food, so I will continue. Thank you Rachel, I was struggling before you came into my life!

Mary - Newbury

Amazing programme, I am over the moon I wanted to get my weight off and that is exactly what I did! Before starting, I was very lethargic and now I am full of bounce – loads of energy! Haven’t done this well on any other diet. Couldn’t have lost this weight without the programme and support. So worth the money, I thoroughly recommend this to anyone. A big thank you to everyone.

Daisy - Calne

I finally turned the corner on my weight! I almost resigned myself to being a fat old lady until I came across The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme. Very pleased with myself. Didn’t think I could have lost this amount of weight – it’s the lightest I have been for 30 years! Really enjoyed the framework of the programme, the foods that I could have and the support. Feel so much fitter and better. I can very much see and feel the difference, it has been so successful!

Linda Redlich - Lawford

I’m so happy with the plan and support. I only wanted to shift those last few stubborn Kilos and after months of trying, this plan worked so well I’d hit my Initial goal weight within a few months, so I ended up aiming to loose a little more and it came off easily. The recipes are great and the support is constant. Thank you so much. I feel amazing.

Lesley - Worthing

This for me has been a life changing experience Over the last 15 years I have had difficulty maintaining a desired steady weight despite following other weight loss plans. I was diagnosed with under active thyroid around the same time. Twelve weeks later, with the support from my excellent consultant, I am twelve pounds lighter! My energy levels have increased, I look better, I feel better, I have a big smile on my face every day. This for me has been a life changing experience and would thoroughly recommend this programme to anyone.

Isabel - Auchterarder

To say I am absolutely thrilled with my weight loss of 2 stone is an understatement. Dieting has never worked for me and having an Under Active Thyroid did not help. A huge thank you to Sue my consultant for the one to one by telephone each week, with her praise and encouragement, I really enjoyed our chats, fantastic!, and of course Rachel for starting The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme I cannot say enough about this programme and the way I feel. My doctor is delighted with my achievements as are my family. I would encourage anyone to "give it a go”. Thank you all so much for giving me back CONTROL!!

Ann Carroll - Putney

I am so grateful and delighted that I have lost 2 stones with you. The programme was tailored for me as necessary - so it was easy to follow. I had extreme back pain for 3 and a half years after a very bad accident, having lost my weight that pain has now gone. What a relief! Support has been wonderful and absolutely good value for money. So happy that I found you in Good House Keeping!

Elizabeth Horley - Weobley

I have just completed the weight loss programme and I cannot praise it enough. I have just lost over 3 stone in 6 months and with an under active thyroid and high blood pressure this is the first time I have found it easy to lose weight. The programme is so easy to follow even when you are away on holiday. My GP is so pleased with me and is now looking at reducing my medication. The support and encouragement from Rachel and Sue has been invaluable. I have had to buy a whole new wardrobe as I have dropped 3 dress sizes .I finished the programme at the beginning of December and even enjoying a great Christmas and New Year have maintained my target weight !!

Maggie Hawley - Hemsby

OMG! The diet was so easy to follow. Everyone was so supportive and non-judgemental; I lost 8.5 kgs and feel great. I would recommend this diet to anyone who is creeping towards 50 or has an underactive thyroid (or both) or no will power - best thing I've every done for myself.

Julie - Southampton

Go for it, you've only weight to lose and a healthier you to gain. Anyone who has tried to lose weight and failed, believe me when I tell you that Rachel Rickett's Weight Loss programme is 100% guaranteed to help you lose weight, and to keep it off. This is a very well thought out metabolically researched programme, with weekly phone calls from your dedicated consultant. Each stage of the plan is created to help you lose weight but more importantly, it re-trains your brain to choose and enjoy good which is good for you. I have now completed my course and can honestly say this programme was never a hardship and I never felt hungry. I now have a different relationship with my food and it's all due to this unique programme. The wonderful support, encouragement and praise from Sue, my Consultant was brilliant. I looked forward to our weekly chats. For me this personalised weekly contact is a crucial element of the Weight Loss programme. I can definitely recommend Rachel Rickett's Weight Loss Programme. As we say in Glasgow "It's pure dead brilliant!"

Margaret Macintyre - Glasgow

Everyone with a weight problem needs to do this!! Where do I start? Thrilled to bits with Programme, which is brilliantly put together. No cravings and never felt hungry which made it very easy to follow, really suited me and thoroughly enjoyable. A lot healthier, no longer embarrassed about my weight and mentally feel so much better. I had plenty of support, my consultant was lovely to work with. Well worth the money and very pleased I contacted you, thank you so much. A fantastic journey!

Jane armstrong - Weybridge

An excellent weight loss programme which was easy to follow, getting me to a weight that I haven't been for a long time. The help I received was very encouraging, it was excellent. Would recommend The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme to anyone.

Vivienne - Headron

So very glad I did The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme. I have done other diets - it was just demoralizing as they didn't work. From the first day, I started losing weight with The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme and thrilled that I got to the weight that I wanted to be. I found the programme enjoyable, educational and very workable. My consultant was lovely and very helpful. Can't thank you enough - couldn't have done it without you!. I would really, really recommend this programme!

Michelle Slater - London

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