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The following testimonials are presented as they were written by our clients. Any specific weight loss figures given are their personal experience, and they should not be taken as specific claims for the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme.

I have found the programme has worked so well. The support has been good, the advice excellent and for me not having to ‘count calories’ or think about every last item of food I could eat has meant that it has been easy to stick to and fits in with family life. Going into the summer, I am feeling fitter and happier! Many thanks.

S. Y. - Forest Row

I have had a Thyroidectomy and am on medication and it was a real struggle to loose weight however hard I tried. If you are in that situation I thoroughly recommend giving Rachel and her team a call. I am thrilled to have lost 2 stone in 12 weeks and couldn't be happier. Its easy to follow , stick with it and you will see results ! Thankyou Rachel

Linda C - Bath

I found this diet very good and I feel so much better. I don’t get earaches and sore throats now, whereas prior to this diet I had them regularly. I have lost 3½ stone from my waist - this is a great result as I worried about fat around my middle.

B. B. from London

I am more than happy with the results of this programme! I am in control of my weight! I am finding it very easy to maintain it. Wished I had done it before! Thank you very much.

A. P. from London

Thank you! After years and years of gradually getting bigger and bigger and more and more self-hatred, I never thought it was possible to look or feel so good. I’ve lost 4½ stone and it has all seemed so natural and easy. People I hardly know keep stopping to tell me how good I look. I can run upstairs, my knees no longer ache…… I could go on and on. Just one drawback - I am spending a fortune on clothes! It’s fabulous to enjoy shopping and to be able to go into the same shops as everyone else.

F. A. - Tunbridge Wells

Fantastic programme! I am in control of my eating and weight, I feel absolutely fabulous as well as very healthy. It’s really easy, no fuss and I am finding it easy to maintain my weight. Healthy eating plan for life!

S. F. - London

I am feeling very good having lost 3 stone in 4 months! It’s great to have to buy new clothes – more fitted of course! Discovering I have a shape is great. I would recommend this programme to others! I wear clothes I had forgotten, love being like I am now. The programme is brilliant, easy and the support you gave me was wonderful. Thank you so much and all I can say to anyone else is – just do it! Thank you.

J. B. - East Grinstead

I honestly never thought I would do it – but you both made it so easy – just follow the programme. It really does work – best I’ve felt and looked for 20 years.

B. W. - Sussex

I have lost 4 stone and I feel great. I have so much energy now. I am getting lots of compliments from people, some didn’t recognise me! I have regained my confidence. A big thank you to Sue & Rachel for all your support and help doing this. After all this time I’ve found me again!

Beth - Surrey

This experience was great. I now have loads of confidence and can get into clothes I couldn’t get into two years ago. Thank you for everything.

Jemma - Haywards Heath

I have only been on the programme for 3 months but have already lost a ‘huge’ amount of weight. I’ve also noticed that I am not suffering from migraines or fluid retention, and wheeziness also has gone.

Kate Surrey

Finally found something that works! I've had a great experience on the programme and managed to lose 17 pounds (still continuing). I had some struggles to do with my previously ingrained eating habits (e.g. emotional eating and overeating when socialising), but I had great support and motivation every week to keep me going. Big thanks to Daley especially, who always made me feel like I could continue, even when I doubted myself. The structure of the programme is simple and easy to follow, and I found it easy to get into. There are a lot of options and you get recipes to help you stay on track (don't be afraid to ask for more if you need!). You can also alter the allowed foods dependant on preference. The only thing I would say is there are not as many recipes for vegetarian/vegan dietary needs but more recipes are being created to cater for these. Really good experience overall. This is the first programme that has worked and kept me consistent for over 5 years (I have tried a crazy amount of diets/plans!). Would definitely recommend :)

Nawal - Egham

This is my final day of the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme. I feel very satisfied and virtuous and most grateful to Rachel for her very accessible diet and support. Nearly 2 stone lighter – my asthma has gone, backache diminished and skin health has improved. It wasn’t difficult. I didn’t miss any food or drink, even the odd glass of champagne! It’s well worth the effort and my partner said last week, ‘You look as you did when I met you 7 years ago – and I love you like that!’ That made it all worthwhile. Thank you.

Judith - Sussex

Done better than I ever hoped - 12lb in 4 weeks! I feel better and I think I look better!

M. M. Sussex

I have more energy and can think more clearly. Friends say I look really well and I don’t feel bloated any more. Just feel really so much better and so pleased I have done the programme. My husband is especially pleased!

R. Y. - Sussex

Life-Changing! Excellent results! Life-Changing! Excellent results! Extremely easy to follow! Being a health care professional, I recommend this diet as a key for living longer and looking amazing!!!

Lisa - London

I feel very healthy and am so pleased to be able to do activities I enjoy such as walking, cycling and canoeing without feeling exhausted! I’ve enjoyed having a new wardrobe as well. The programme has been easy to maintain and it’s the first ‘diet’ I’ve followed that has worked! Thank you.

Melanie - London

The programme helped me because I didn’t know what foods to eat, quantities, etc. The support was great. I didn’t think it would be easy, but it was and I didn’t feel hungry at all. Very pleased with the results.

J. M. - London

My life has been changed by Rachel’s metabolic diet plans. It is the most satisfactory and reliable eating plan ever which takes you to your goals step by step and doesn’t leave you there but gives you a fool proof methodology to keep the weight off forever. All that is left for the ‘dieter’ is to be committed to losing weight and a healthy lifestyle. I would say it is like a formula which works faultlessly if one follows the checklist rigorously. The support that is provided by Rachel and her team is sympathetic and encouraging and vital in the case of someone like me who needed a bit of ‘accountability’ to keep me on track. Five stars for Rachel. I couldn’t praise her metabolic weight loss enough.

Amna - Chiswick

This programme has been excellent, easy to follow and cater for. Rachel has always been most helpful and friendly. My blood pressure is now normal and I don’t need medication for Type 2 Diabetes, which is wonderful. I can really recommend the programme and the follow up.

F. W. - Sussex

I went down a dress size. Thank you so much for your help and input, it was very good talking to my consultants Sue and Rachel.

Lizzy - Worthing

I have been so surprised at how easy this programme has been to follow. I used to suffer incredible indigestion and heartburn, which has now completely gone. I feel much better!

S. R. - East Grinstead

When I saw Rachel’s advert in a magazine I cut it out to have a think about whether to try yet another diet programme. I had previously tried all the slimming clubs on the planet and always gave up. I decided to have one last attempt and contacted Rachel - she really inspired me to give it a go. I have now lost 3 stone and feel so much better both healthwise and my confidence has improved too.

R. A. - Horley

I feel confident that I will be able to keep the weight off by following the maintenance plan. This has never happened before – I have always given up before reaching my goal and never followed the maintenance plans and consequently the pounds have always piled back on! A big thank you to Rachel and Mike for inspiring me to keep to the plan. You have really changed my life! I can’t thank you enough!

Sue - Hurley

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