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Frequently Asked Questions

I have tried so many diets. I am worried that this will be just another diet that I will not be able to follow.

The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme is not a diet, but a step-by-step approach, with the aim of changing the way you are currently eating to the way you need to eat in order to lose and maintain your weight once and for all.

Will I be hungry?

One of the first rules of the programme is not to go hungry. The programme is designed to reduce hunger and cravings wherever possible.

What kind of foods will I be eating?

You will be eating foods from the different food groups that are readily available in supermarkets. There are no diet pills, meal replacements or faddy foods.

If there are foods that I cannot do without and they are not on the programme, will I still be able to do it?

Any part of the programme can be tailored to accommodate specific food needs.

Will I need to exercise?

Exercise isn’t mandatory on the programme. However, we always recommend exercising for health and fitness reasons.

How much weight can I expect to lose in a month?

This very much depends on your profile and how the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme is followed. Factors such as stress, age, medication and one’s own metabolism can affect the rate of weight loss. The expected average weight loss of clients is 7-14lb a month.

How much does the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme cost?

This depends on the amount of weight that you need to lose, the support that you will be requiring and the length of time needed to complete the different stages of the programme. Time after time those who have done the programme said it was excellent value.

Will it be easy to maintain my weight?

The last stage of the programme deals with weight maintenance, providing simple guidelines and tools helping you to maintain your weight. Ongoing support is available as needed throughout this stage.

I live too far away to visit you. Can I still participate in the programme?

Yes! We successfully provide remote support throughout the UK and other countries, eg Europe, America, Australia... Distance is not a problem!

I have a hectic lifestyle. Will I still be able to follow the programme?

People from all walks of life have successfully completed the programme: doctors, dentists, factory workers, pilots, builders, teachers, television personalities, actors, clergy, policemen, athletes, business men and women, magistrates, accountants, lawyers, nurses, housewives etc.

I am always travelling. Would I still be able to follow the programme?

Any part of the programme can be tailored to accommodate you while you are travelling.

I am going on holiday, but don’t want to wait until I get back to start losing weight. Can I do this programme on holiday?

Necessary adjustments can be made to the programme to cater for holidays.

It will be my birthday/Christmas soon and I want to celebrate.  Should I wait until the celebrations are over before I start the programme?

Any necessary adjustments can be made for those celebrations. Once the celebrations are finished you simply return to fully following the programme.

I am 70 years old; am I too old to lose weight?

The age range of our clients is from 8  to 89 years old. An 84-year-old lady lost 7 and a half stone in one year. Age appears not to be a problem!

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Lorraine lost 6 stone in 6 months*
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