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The following testimonials are presented as they were written by our clients. Any specific weight loss figures given are their personal experience, and they should not be taken as specific claims for the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme.

The plan is easy to follow. The support from Daley was steady and realistic. I found that due to my exercise regime I felt low energy at times, however i was given options that helped me through. I am very happy with my weight loss and am now on a maintenance plan. Thank you.

Rita Thomas - Orpinton

My experience with this organisation was a positive one. I found these guys both engaging and very good listeners. They took the time to better understand what my goal was, and then took the time to ensure that I was happy with the prescribed process that was recommended in order for me to achieve my outcome goal. The weekly checking in for me made all the difference. This routine helped me to keep on track, and every once in a while when I deviated from the plan, the Saturday morning check in would quickly get me back in my zone. The Ricketts team took the time to ensure that I had all the right information to ensure that I had every chance to succeed. I’m a recent cancer survivor, and the last year with all the medication etc has not been a ideal situation. Regardless it was always my ambition to get back to my target weight by year end. With the help of the Ricketts team I am now much closer to achieving my target weight. Thank you very much Team Ricketts

Tony - Windlesham

"Ice cold San Miguel on a roasting hot day... chilled Prosecco and flowers just to celebrate Friday night... this was a real challenge for me to let go of. I convinced myself that I could just skip supper to compensate, but what used to work in the past no longer worked any more, the weight just kept slowly creeping up on me. What I now understand is the effect alcohol has, not simply in calories alone, but the way in which it changes the chemistry in the body, how it triggers the release of insulin, prevents fat burning for up to 72 hours and stresses the liver making fat burning even more difficult. Then there are the psychological issues of being addicted to treating ourselves and dopamine. The biggest reward of all? Losing over 10kg already, now that's something to celebrate for sure! My weight loss journey is an education in food, nutrition, biochemistry and psychology. Thank you Daley, a font of knowledge, always supporting and non-judgemental!"

Lorraine Phillips - Wellingborough

In 2012 I started the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme. I had struggled to lose weight despite the diets, calorie counting and cutting down on food. I felt uncomfortable and didn't want to look at myself in the mirror. When younger I had an eating disorder and therefore, I didn't want a quick fix or drastic weight loss it needed to a life changer and wow this was. I was losing 1 1/2 Ibs a week and still eating food I enjoyed and could adapt to eat with the family. My clothes started to fit comfortably and people started to notice the new me without having anxiety around how much weight I was losing. I have continued to maintain my weight but during COVID and reliant on my husband doing the shopping, I am a keyworker, the weight crept up on me and I was struggling to get back to my ideal weight which was just over 1/2 stone and I contacted the team and signed up for the kick start programme and are just 1Ib off my ideal weight after a month. I feel great and confident and when you are nearing 60 this is a bonus. Thank you Daly, Rachel and Mike. Blessings to you all and keep safe x

Teresa Walker - Brockley

I have tried various diets over the years and especially over the last few years due to the menopause and none seemed to work. After just one week on this diet I had lost 5 pounds and in over 4 months I have lost almost 2.5 stone. The plan is very easy to follow with clear instructions. I had the support each week that I needed and received lots of helpful tips and advice from Daley. The fact that it was one to one support and not a group was much more beneficial for me. I would have no hesitation in recommending this programme.

Dorothy - Tewkesbury

Rachel Ricketts Weight loss program is a game changer. Rachel Ricketts Weight loss program is an absolute must for anyone seriously looking to change their shape, reduce weight and develop Some healthy eating habits. Not only have I lost 24lbs but I feel and look so much better. I’ve had many comments about looking a lot younger which is a real bonus too!

Helen Barker - Cleckheaton

Successful weight loss at long last. After many years of struggling with my weight I decided to try the Metabolic Weight Loss Diet. I found the plan easy to follow as everything is set out very well in the four different stage documents. In one year, at the age of 68, I have lost 2 stone and 8 inches. I now feel so much more confident with my body shape and weight and can fit in all the clothes I have been unable to wear for several years. Many friends have complimented me on how slim & well I look and I feel so much better within myself. I am now very much aware of what foods I should either avoid completely or eat in moderation in order to maintain my weight. Rachel has been very supportive and encouraging during the last year for which I am very grateful. I would recommend this plan to anyone wishing to lose weight successfully, safely and healthily.

Susan Haggerty - Chatham

At 76 I have lost 3 stone. I joined the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme without much hope of success because I had tried dieting before and it was not successful. Boy was I going to be proved wrong! I have a very slow metabolism which is pretty general for people of my age (76). It has taken me a long time to achieve my goal but I have done it and lost 3 stone altogether. I couldn't have done it without Rachel's help, she is always so encouraging. I feel so much better not carrying around all that extra weight and my body is benefiting too. The strain on my knees has decreased considerably enabling me to go for walks, which I was not able to do before. The delight of purchasing a new wardrobe and throwing away all the old clothes was very satisfying. So life is good and getting better all the time, so much so that I have now decided to join the dating scene!

Helen Hunt - Dorking

I am so pleased I came across the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme. I have tried lots of different diets over many years with limited success but I honestly find it incredible that I have lost so much weight with this wonderful plan and the support of all the Team. Daley was my weekly contact support who encouraged, guided and readily available when needed. I have lost 2 1/2 Stone in 12 weeks eating healthily while following a very easy to understand and structured plan, tailored to me when necessary. I did struggle at times with variety of eating but that was soon solved with exciting and interesting menus sent to me by Daley. I have had many compliments about my weight loss, I feel healthier, confident and my mobility has also improved. I will happily continue to complete the future stages and sincerely thank all concerned.

Yvonne Sargent - Oxley

Worked unlike any other diet! I have never succeeded in losing weight, but on The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme, I lost 45lbs! Not only I am delighted with this weight loss but so is my husband as he had to listen to me for years about me going on about my weight and not being able to lose it!! Food is no longer controlling me; this is a massive breakthrough for me. A great lesson and all thanks to you!

Caroline - Edenbridge

It was my sister who’d had great success with her own experience with Rachel that encourages me to embark. She looks ten years younger than she actually is, due in part to this diet plan. After six months doing stages one and two I have lost well over two and a half stone and counting. I have been on diets many times in the past as my weight has always tended to fluctuate, sometimes dramatically! This is the first time that I have done what I might call assisted dieting, under the supervision of a knowledgeable dietician. It has made an enormous difference to my success and to my mind the reason is that it has been sustainable. I have had a weekly catchup call from Daley who is Rachel’s charming colleague and it has been very beneficial to be able to talk through any problems, with someone who understands and gives you great advice & encouragement. These people know what they’re doing and you can trust them! I have found my way into a change for life and I feel that once again that it is due to the sustainability of the program. There are lots of things that you “can eat” and I feel that it’s important to say so because whilst dieting does require some self-discipline, it wouldn’t have worked for me had it been gloomy. So you may have to kick the Custard. Creams into touch but there are many healthy delights that you can eat and still succeed. I’d like to thanks Rachel and Daley for their invaluable support, particularly during the first months of my diet program. It was all mapped out for me. So if you were wondering whether to embark,? I would say. Go for it!

Danny - Edenbridge

I would like to thank the team at Rachel Ricketts for their help in my weight loss journey. After trying to unsuccessfully lose weight on most diet plans on the planet, I decided to try the Metabolic Weight Loss plan. From the first week, I started to lose weight and began to feel more confident about myself. The weekly phone calls from Daley were particularly helpful and I was given expert advice each week to keep me on track. The plan also includes some very good recipes with delicious flavours. The plan has given me a refreshing way of thinking about food and I feel so much better. It’s a plan for life in both senses of the word. Thank you so much to Rachel and the team and particularly Daley with his calm and steady approach.

Alison Mackenzie - St Albans

I am in my 70s and have tried all the diets you can think of. Rachel's weight loss consultancy is different because it is personalised. It has helped me to manage my interaction with food but more importantly, it has helped me to find out which foods make a difference to my personal metabolic rates. Stage 3 is the vital part of the programme and should not be rushed. I have spent 6 months on this so that I can re-introduce foods gradually to find out how my body reacts to each type. Rachel's programme is well researched and has a scientific basis. She has taught me how to monitor my blood sugar levels by careful food choices. The programme is founded on good , healthy eating habits but Rachel's knowledge of how the body works ensures that her programme is so much more. It is life changing and life enhancing. Rachel's consultations are always helpful because of her sensitive approach to each individual, helping them to achieve long-term success. Not only does Rachel provide explanations for what is happening to your metabolism but also gives sound advice about how to manage life in a world surrounded by food temptations. I recommend this to everyone who has struggled to maintain a healthy weight and life-style.

Geraldine - St Albans

I've been doing the metabolic weight loss programme for 13 weeks and have lost approximately 21 pounds. After the first 2 weeks of adapting to the programme, it was easy to follow and access to support from Daley via whatsapp and via a weekly call was great. I was at the point after 2 children where I genuinely thought I would never be able to lose the weight again but this programme genuinely works and the weekly food diaries are just part of my routine now. Would highly recommend. Michelle

Michelle - Darley Dale

My experience with this program has been amazing. To be honest I wasn't overly heavy, but I was uncomfortably heavy and found i was tired during the day and always had a bit of a gut, despite lots of exercise and a "healthy" lifestyle. I do a lot of cycling and running. After several attempts to lose weight and feel less tired during the day I had a chat with Daley. He explained things in a very simple a clear manor. He went over the concept of a diet being a permanent thing, not just a fad and its something that should be natural not painful. I started and what can I say. I was 83.4 kilos a few months back. Im now 70.1. I have better sleep, more focus and more energy during the day. I have NO cravings for sugar or carbs. I feel a lot more able to simply eat for my body and know what will and what wont help me to be faster, feel more, energy, lose weight, etc. The end result, I've lost weight, I am in control of what I eat and no longer feel I am "on a diet". I simply make choices as to what I want to eat and have no cravings. I am genuinely impressed by this program and Daley's help.

Toby Jones - Dublin

A great journey during Covid. I have been on a journey discovering what I am capable of eating new foods and trying a wide variety if foods. The weekly consultations keep you accountable and on point! Anyone thinking about it start now do not delay I am 10kg lighter and feeling fabulous. Thank you Alison and Daley

Maxine Blake - Manchester

I have been on this life changing diet since 17th March and what an experience it has been! I have lost nearly 2 stone over a very short period and during very bizarre time’s with lock down etc, but I can say hand on heart that this has been a life changer for me! With the help of Daley ,my mentor who has supported me all the way through, the foods I am now eating are so good that I will carry on this way forever! I have come off my anti depressants hoorah, I have lost 6 inches off my waist! I feel a new woman confident and positive all through eating the right foods! No more milk chocolate 🍫daily and bananas! My lovely taste buds have changed! I’d rather have avocado on cracker please!! So I can only say what are you waiting for, start today, cannot recommend it anymore, I’m proof it works for life!

Joanna Russell - Copsale

I would highly recommend the Metabolic Weight Loss Program. I was starting to creep up in weight every year and every time I would do a quick fix diet, I would lose weight and then gain more back. This program has changed the way I look at eating and my relationship with food. The weekly consultations are the key, I started working with Rachel, who is of course wonderful but then I continued the consultations with Daly. He kept in touch with me over messaging in between our weekly consultations and really helped finesse the plan to suit my lifestyle and tweak things if my weight was starting to plateau, all with such friendly enthusiasm! I was impressed to have such support throughout the process. The way the stages work, you never feel as if you are truly dieting, yet you are slowly weaning yourself off of bad habits and the changes really stick. I am so happy to have lost weight and feel as if I have regained control of the constant yo yo dieting. I highly recommend this program.

MK - New York

I was in the depths of despair! I knew that I had put on a bit of weight after we downsized from a large old farmhouse with land/gardens/animals to care for but when I went for my annual MOT at the surgery, I was horrified to find that I had put on almost two stone, but was also pre-diabetic. A wake-up call indeed! Fortunately, I saw the advertisement in Country Living, with Rachel looking so beautiful, and thought “I wonder if ———“. I took the plunge and made the initial phone call. I was met with friendship, sympathy, kindness and above all Hope! And so I began my journey, feeling that someone actually cared and could help. My husband had died since we moved, and I was at a low ebb. Initially I spoke to Rachel, who was full of encouragement. I was sent the Stage One sheet and was amazed to see the huge variety of foods I could eat. It all made sense, and everything fell into place. I admit that I sometimes felt hungry at the beginning, but once I got into the routine, the pounds began to fall away. I could now feel my clothes becoming looser, and I definitely had more energy. My dogs were pretty chuffed too - longer walks and a more cheerful Mum! Since then, after following Stage Two, I have gone from strength to strength and can wear clothes I had kept for years “just in case” I have lost two stones and am still going down. The whole experience has been a joy and I now look forward to stepping on to the scales! I am pretty certain that my next review at the surgery will show what can be achieved Thank you all, especially Daley, who has kept me on track, and has become a real friend!

Ann Bolan - Bellingham

If your' stuck in a diet rut, going nowhere, bite the bullet and try this programme. Aged 55 and post-menopausal with a thyroid condition I thought I'd hit a brick wall in terms of being able to lose weight. Historically, I'd put on weight, go on a keto diet and lose the pounds in no time - but that approach just wasn't working, I couldn't shift an ounce. I was a prime candidate for weight gain: my age, my medical condition, more sedentary than I used to be. It all added up and I'd semi-resigned myself to never getting into my size 10s again. But I decided that I wasn't happy carrying the thick wodge of fat around my midriff (and elsewhere). I refused to cede to what I thought was an inevitable slippery slope. In desperation, I trawled the internet looking for a solution. I researched hormone imbalance and metabolic resistance and my findings reinforced my belief that my body just didn't want to play ball anymore. I looked at all sorts of alternative eating plans and finally stumbled across the Rachel Ricketts Weight Loss Consultancy. Having read the glowing testimonials, I duly arranged for an initial free consultation. Mike Ricketts gave me an overview of the programme and was very adept an answering the questions I fired at him. Not salesy at all, no pressure, just a relaxed and informed conversation about their proven weight loss philosophy. I signed up. I should explain at this point that I didn't have a huge amount of weight to lose. My initial weigh-in was 10st 11lb and my target was 9st 7lb. I'm not saying 10st 11lb is fat but for me, with a small frame, I felt very uncomfortable. The excess poundage was making me miserable. I'd lost the definition of my waist and felt bloated. I could not continue allowing my size to balloon. What has manifested over the past four weeks of this new eating regime has been an absolute revelation. In just under 4 weeks I have lost 10.5lb. TEN AND A HALF POUNDS! To say I'm pleased is an understatement. The programme has exceeded my wildest expectations and given me a diet toolbox to take forward. The team at RRWLC will be behind you 100% with their practical advice, diet tips and moral support. The weekly consultation calls incentivise you to stay focused. If you fall off track, there's no admonishment, just structured advice to get you back to where you need to be. They understand that life's obstacles can sometimes hinder a dieter's good intentions! All in all I can sincerely recommend this programme. If you're stuck in a diet rut, going nowhere, bite the bullet and try this one. I'm glad I did.

Lisa Giles - Prestwood

Joining the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme was the best decision I made to help me lose weight. I found the programme guided me to the best foods and quantities to balance my cravings and bring down my blood sugar readings to the level that I could maintain for weight loss. Daley was key to the whole programme with weekly chats and help at anytime I felt motivated and positive to stay on course. I had tried many other diets in the past without success so I am so pleased to have lost 19 pounds that really show and I intend to continue with the programme and maintenance plan for ever. Thank you Daley and the Weight Loss Centre.

Allison Sherbourne - St Albans

This was the second time I have followed this diet. The first was 8 years ago when I needed to lose a similar amount of weight - a stone - and I did it in the same amount of time - 12 weeks. I was then happy with my weight for about 7 years until various life events meant I put it all back on. I lost control of my diet and I also began to suffer with constant indigestion. Result? very unhappy person with a wardrobe full of unwearable clothes. I decided to return to Rachel Ricketts Weight Loss Consultancy and am delighted with the result. Sensible eating that can be fitted around my lifestyle and whats more the indigestion disappeared literally overnight. I am digging clothes out from the back of the cupboard and looking forward to being able to wear my 'new' wardrobe when we come out of lockdown. I found Daley very helpful with great suggestions whenever I had a query. Recipes great too - time they were in a book!

Lesley - Old Sodbury

After years of trying and largely failing on numerous diets not only have I lost almost 2 stone, so far, Rachel has inspired and educated me in the science of fat burning! Her wonderful encouragement has enabled me to view food in a different way. I don’t go hungry, I know what foods to avoid. It’s not a diet it’s a new way of eating and living! A big thank you and give it a try!

Jill - Abertillery

What a difference Rachel, Daley and the Weight Loss team have made to my life. After years of struggling I have now reached my target weight loss; I lost 36.8 pounds and 26 inches in less than 6 months I am absolutely over the moon, I feel great and I have a whole new wardrobe of clothes that I have been unable to wear for years. I have struggled with weight loss of the past 4 years and although had tried many different types of diet my weight was stuck and slowly increasing. I have exercised regularly for many years but I now have so much more energy and look forward to working out each day. What has really impressed me is that apart from the weeks when I have been away on holiday I have lost weight every week -even on the last week before I reached my target I lost 2.4 pounds. The diet was easy to follow and the support is fantastic. I am maintaining my weight even during difficult personal times and this is something that I have struggled with in the past. The plan to reintroduce you to a wider variety of food works really well. I am still getting updates from Daley and the team which I find really helpful and motivating. Thank you for making such a difference to my life.

Jackie Polluck - Ongar

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