Blood sugar levels and weight control

Regulating blood sugar levels can be key to successful weight loss and weight maintenance. Our blood sugar levels can be under constant pressure as a result of our diet and lifestyle. Keeping them balanced is important but not always easy!

High-carbohydrate, sugar-rich foods, alcohol, fizzy drinks and fruit juices can all cause a high increase in blood sugar levels which is then followed by a crash. This can leave you feeling irritable, hungry, lacking concentration and energy.

Other factors which can affect blood sugar levels

Missing meals, not eating enough, leaving long gaps in between meals, being stressed, ill, over-exercising, tired or working long hours can also cause low blood sugar levels.

Indications of low blood sugar levels

Hunger, mood swings, irritability, lack of concentration, lack of energy, tiredness and waking in the night can all be indications of low blood sugar levels.

Stress such as emotional and physical pain, tiredness and excessive exercise can also contribute to low blood sugar levels.

Lack of willpower with low blood sugar levels

As blood sugar levels crash, so can your will power, which so often leads to eating sugar and carbohydrates all over again! Low blood sugar levels can make it extremely difficult to resist eating the wrong foods or over-eating. If this cycle is not changed, the pattern can repeat itself day in and day out, leading to weight gain and bad health.

Controlling your blood sugar levels

Eating regularly and having foods that help maintain blood sugar levels can be a major factor in being more in control of one’s eating habits. One of the aims of The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme is to help achieve this.

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