Geraldine lost 2 ½ stone*

"I have always been careful with what I ate, and monitored my weight. However, when I took early retirement to look after my grandsons I took my eye off the ball. I was fed up with being careful, and so decided I would just eat what I wanted. Big mistake. With the weight beginning to pile on we went into lockdown, and I started to get bigger and bigger, and to feel very uncomfortable. I decided to take back control, and found the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme online. After speaking to Mike on the phone, I went ahead. It was one of the best decisions I have made. The programme is easy to follow, and I liked the fact that I could tailor it to my preferences for meals.  The weight has fallen off, I have lost two and a half stones in 5 months to reach my target weight. My cholesterol which was high has come down to well within the correct limit, and I have been able to come off the acid reflux medication I have been taking for around 10 years. My IBS has also eased considerably. I have always thought previously that bread and pasta etc didn’t agree with me, and this diet has proved that to be correct. The weekly support with Daley have been a great help in keeping me on the straight and narrow. I would recommend this programme to anyone who finds dieting difficult, I have never been on a diet where I have had such a successful weight loss in such a short time."


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