Underactive thyroid and struggling with weight loss?

Do you feel absolutely disheartened by all your attempts to try to lose weight with an underactive thyroid? Whatever you do just doesn’t get the scales moving for you in the way you would expect them to!

The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme could be just what you are looking for. Suitable for women and men of all ages.

The thyroid gland is one of the main glands in the body and plays an important part in metabolism and weight loss, it regulates the metabolic rate. It is known as the gland that burns fat. Thyroid problems can lead to fat storage as the body is not able to convert calories into energy leading to weight gain and difficulty in losing weight. 

You may well have been told by your doctor that it is very difficult to lose weight or worse still, you won’t be able to lose weight with an underactive thyroid, which is probably the very last thing that you want to hear! 

People who have an underactive thyroid often find it harder to lose weight but it does not mean they can’t, despite what they may have been told! The good news is that we have had plenty of success with those doing the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme with an underactive thyroid, who have been able to lose the expected average weight loss of 7-14 lbs a month.

We even have had success with those who have had their thyroid removed!

The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme

This is a step-by-step approach taking you from one way of eating to another where you are able to comfortably lose and maintain your weight. We are addressing any bad eating habits and cravings, while getting you onto the foods from the different food groups that we have found to be effective for the fat-burning process when taken in the correct quantities and combinations. 

With weekly consultations and email support as needed in between, you will have plenty of help to take you through the four stages of The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme. 

The first two stages help you with your weight loss while the last two stages concentrate on your weight maintenance. There is nothing faddish about the programme and there are no diet shakes.


“I have always struggled with a weight problem due to an underactive thyroid. In despair, I did the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme and it was a huge relief that I was actually able to lose two and a half stone. The programme was easy to follow and the support was excellent.” Jo from London

“All of my lady patients who are on thyroid medication are struggling to lose weight, however you are an exception to this. You have done so well to have lost 2 and a half stone.” Maxine from Wiltshire

“I read with interest about how The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme helped people with thyroid problems (I had my thyroid removed) … It was so difficult to lose weight due to my thyroid problems, I had almost given up. I am delighted to say that I am now at my target weight and I have had so many health benefits, increased energy and wellbeing and no longer need pain killers. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful programme and support. Ashley from Kent.

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