Trouble with losing weight after pregnancy?

If you have put on weight with one or more pregnancies you may well be thinking will you ever get back to your pre-pregnancy weight and wear the clothes that you used to be able to wear?

In addition to the fat storage that occurs in pregnancy, you may have experienced a significant change in your lifestyle after pregnancy: lack of sleep, more confined to the home, less time for yourself and the stress of a new baby can all take a toll on one’s eating habits let alone one's figure!

Don’t start addressing your weight issues for the first 6-8 weeks after giving birth - you have enough on your hands! Just concentrate on eating as healthily as possible for you and your baby. Try not to give yourself too high expectations to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight too quickly.

It is a very good time to address any unhealthy eating habits while losing your post-natal weight. This will set a good example on healthy eating for your family and can help with any further pregnancies.

Time after time clients have been able to shift their pregnancy weight by following the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme.

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