Struggling with your weight loss?

If you are asking how to lose weight, look no further than The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme!

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Maybe you never had a weight problem until now or, you are finding what used to work, no longer does. You may well be asking yourself, ‘why can’t I lose weight?’

If only it was just a matter of reducing your food intake and exercising more. However, in reality, this does not always occur!

There are many reasons why people struggle with their weight. It’s not just eating too much! Major hormonal changes, an under active thyroid, stress, medication and getting older are some common factors that can affect the way you eat and your metabolic rate. These making losing weight and keeping if off more than challenging!

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Helping you to get out of the dieting trap!

The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme is a straight forward, workable and sustainable way of losing and maintaining your weight!

With the four stages of the programme and one-to-one support we help you:

We work every step of the way so that you can get to the weight you want to be and to be able to maintain it.

Key factors of The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme

  • Expected average weight loss, 7-14lb a month
  • No pills, injections, diet shakes or meal replacements
  • Easy to follow and effective
  • Tailored for your individual needs
  • One-to-one support every step of the way

Not a Quick-Fix Diet

No fads or gimmicks, no pills, injections, diet shakes, meal replacements or bars! A structured and sustainable way to lose weight and keep it off once and for all.

Motivating Weight loss

The expected average weight loss of 7-14lb a month is especially welcome for those who struggle with a slow weight loss! For people of all ages and includes those with an underactive thyroid.

One-to-One Support

Committed to helping you lose weight once and for all. Weekly one-to-one consultations with plenty of email support. Supporting people throughout the UK and overseas, distance is no object.


When I joined the Weight Loss Centre, I made a decision that I must lose at least 2 stones but never thought I could. The weight dropped off steadily and now I am 3 stones lighter! The other very good benefits are I have stopped taking tablets for high blood pressure, do not get asthma and my cholesterol level is down to normal. I would recommend this programme to anyone who is serious about losing weight. I have to say it has changed my way of life all for the better.

N. B. - Sussex *

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Some key factors that can affect your weight


It is estimated that 15% of weight gain can be related to medications. Medications may cause you to retain fluids, slow down your metabolic rate, while some can make you feel hungry.

Stress and weight gain

Stress can increase the levels of cortisol which is often known as the ‘stress hormone.'
When cortisol levels are too high, this can interfere with the thyroid gland and can lower your metabolic rate, making it difficult to lose weight.

Lack of sleep and weight gain

When you haven't had enough sleep, an excess of a hormone called ghrelin is released which can increase your appetite. In addition, when tired, your blood sugar levels are at risk of dropping too low, which can then trigger off cravings and hunger.

Major hormonal changes

Pregnancy and menopause can all increase fat storage hormones making it more difficult to lose weight.
Oestrogen levels naturally fall away around the time of menopause and often more is eaten to compensate for this. Lower oestrogen levels usually mean a lower metabolic rate.


As we grow older, our metabolic rate naturally slows down making it more difficult to lose and maintain weight.

Unfortunately as each decade pass, your metabolic rate can slow down between 5-10%, this can start happening after you are 20 years old!

Underactive thyroid and weight gain.

An underactive thyroid is when the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormones. As a result, your metabolism can slow down making it harder to lose weight.

You don’t need to struggle with your weight!

Whatever maybe causing you to struggle with your weight, having helped thousands of people to lose weight, we are more than confident that we can help you!


Struggled with my weight for all my adult life. Following this plan has changed my life. The weekly support at a time convenient to me was superb. The eating plan is straightforward and the weight loss results are amazing. No gimmicks, just sensible eating.

Lyn, Trust Pilot

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