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Thyroid and weight loss

We are continually having success helping those on thyroid medication to lose their weight. Our clients who do have an under-active thyroid can still fall into our range of an expected weight loss of between 7-14 Ib a month. If this is not achievable, then we recommend the client to be more thoroughly tested for thyroid problems.  

The functions of the thyroid gland  

The thyroid is a gland situated at the front of the neck and is responsible for body temperature and heart-rate. The thyroid is also a key gland in weight loss and assists in regulating body temperature and metabolism; in fact it is known as the fat-burning gland. If you suffer from an underactive thyroid you will tend to burn fewer calories, making it a lot harder to lose weight. Thyroid problems can create weight loss issues.

 The thyroid gland is stress-sensitive, in fact, the thyroid reacts the most out of the glands to stress. Examples of stressful situations are breakdowns in relationships, recovering from a difficult childbirth, working excessive hours, moving house, losing your job etc. There are also environmental pollutants such as car fumes, cigarette smoke, household chemicals and food additives which can all affect the thyroid gland.

One way to tell if your thyroid is functioning well is to take your body’s temperature at least 3 times a day for 3 days. If your average temperature is equal to or less than 36.5C, there could well be problems with your thyroid. Having a low temperature often means a slow metabolism. Sometimes thyroid tests do not show up underactive thyroids even when a person has all the symptoms of this condition.

Hypothyroidism – underactive thyroid

When the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormones, one has an underactive thyroid, a condition known as hypothyroidism. When the thyroid is underactive, it cannot regulate metabolism properly and so the weight goes on.

Doctors may well say it is going to be a struggle to lose weight if at all if you have an underactive thyroid. This can be frustrating but from experience, although the person may not win the medal for the fastest weight loss on The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme, they are happy with their weight loss progress.

It is a proven medical fact that every 8 women to 1 man suffers from thyroid problems. High cholesterol, mental and physical sluggishness, weight gain; constipation; water retention; dry and slow-growing skin, hair and nails;  brittle nails; muscle cramps; body aches; tiredness; depression; a hoarse voice; slow-growing nails; hair loss; loss of eyelashes and eyebrows are all symptoms of an underactive thyroid. Salt and water retention alongside higher cholesterol levels may be an indication of low thyroid levels. Hypothyroidism may also cause cold hands and feet, foggy thinking and chills.

T4 and T3 are the two main hormones produced by the thyroid gland that both require selenium, zinc and iodine in order to function, making these important minerals when it comes to weight loss.


“I have always struggled with a weight problem due to an underactive thyroid. In despair, I did the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme and it was a huge relief that I was actually able to lose two and a half stone. The programme was easy to follow and the support was excellent.” Jo from London

“All of my lady patients who are on thyroid medication are struggling to lose weight, however you are an exception to this. You have done so well to have lost 2 and a half stone.” Maxine from Wiltshire

“I read with interest about how The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme helped people with thyroid problems (I had my thyroid removed) … It was so difficult to lose weight due to my thyroid problems, I had almost given up. I am delighted to say that I am now at my target weight and I have had so many health benefits, increased energy and wellbeing and no longer need pain killers. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful programme and support. Ashley from Kent.

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